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  1. sorry, I was trying to post to a forum and got on your profile instead! Don't know what I'm doing yet - sorry!!!

  2. Bungalow Billiards in Chantilly does not have a gluten-free menu, however them manager's best friend has Celiac, so he knows what is safe. If you go there, ask for him, and he can advise on menu selections and ensure that the chef's use protocols to avoid cross contamination. We did this last time we went, and my husband had no issues at all. Besides, it's a great, fun place to hang out!

  3. I don't think I misread. They put the wheat paste into the crozes and then fit the head into the crozes.
  4. According to that article, they coat the grove that the lid goes into with wheat paste, not the entire barrel. Also, this is just one barrel source. The risk is there but hard to quantify.
  5. Another perspective. If you have celiac disease that does not prevent you from having other diseases/conditions that could be helped by Benadryl. Also, celiac is sometimes tricky to diagnose because it shares symtoms with other diseases to include some wheat allergies. Someone with a true wheat...
  6. I had no significant symptoms when I ate gluten. However, routine liver function tests that my doctor ordered showed a lot of fluctuation. That lead to a GI doctor ordering a series of screening tests to eliminate things that could cause the symptoms. Net effect was positive blood test and positive...
  7. That is correct. There are non-Celiac reactions to gluten. To add to the confusion Celiac and non-Celiac reactions to gluten can happend at the same time. Specifically people can have Celiac and be allergic to a gluten-conatining grain.
  8. I have moved around a lot (former military) and lived in a lot of places where there were Fuddruckers. I used to really like them. Independent of the gluten-free issues, the quality at the ones near me have dropped in quality a lot. From the gluten-free perspective, it is clearly one of those...
  9. Tim-n-VA


    I was in ROTC but didn't do the drill team. As a cadet I ran the drill competition at ETSU in the spring of '82. Congratulations on your team's performance.
  10. I eat there occasionally and order a burger without a bun. Cross-contamination would be a concern with the way condiments are on a salad-bar-type layout. I have never reacted but I generally don't to small amounts.