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  1. I have looked at both pictures pf DH and HSV II. They do look very similar which is why I am so perplexed. Hopefully my lab I had drawn today for the HSV II titer might give me something to go on until I get referred to a GI doc in 2 weeks. My MD wants me to go gluten free and take Zantac until my next appt with him...whatever. Thanks for your help!
  2. I am really freaked out. I have the worst doctor in the world and am just beside myself with worry. I have a rash on my buttcheck. I have been wondering the last month or so about celiac. Terrible gas, bloating and alternating constipation/diarrhea. I have been trying to limit the wheat the last few weeks and the gas seems somewhat better. Then I develop this rash about a week ago on my buttcheek. Went to the Dr today and told him all of this. Showed him my rash. He seems to think it is HSV II (herpes simplex II/otherwise known as genital herpes). My husband of 10 years does not have any rashes or has never had one. He swears he hasn't strayed. I did notice the rash about 3 days after going to the tanning bed. I have looked online at pictures of DH and HSVII on the buttock and they are quite similar. In a nutshell, I really just want your opinions on your rashes. Are yours widespread or localized? Mine is 1 round spot the size of a quarter. I insisted on a blood test from my MD for HSVII after my appointment and I had time to digest everyting mentally. I HAD TO TELL HIM THERE WAS A BLOOD TITER TO FIND OUT IF IT IS IN YOUR BLOOD! I work at a hospital and knew this why didn't he??? I am getting a new dr by the way. Any help you have would be appreciated.
  3. I am in Anderson. I don't have a diagnosis yet but am almost positive I have it. I am pretty sure I have DH on my behind as we speak! New to all of this and not real happy about it! Any support would be appreciated!
  4. Could be a common problem in pregnant women. It's called PUPP. Read this link. Hope this helps you. Good luck! http://parenting.ivillage.com/pregnancy/pt...fe_3p7q,00.html
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