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  1. I actually would fall asleep. Everywhere, anytime. During "V for vendetta" in the theatre, also "Saw". Even the doctors office. I was medicated for narcolepsy (which made everything worse as I don't have narcolepsy) after my doc had to wake me during our visits. My iron levels were awful, but...
  2. Ok well I've always been emoootional (DX'd major depression, bipolar, borderline personality disorder). When I was 16 I started feeling reeeeally tired. I cut school so I could sleep, I ended up graduating early and moving in with my girl friend at the time. I was too tired to do anything. I started...
  3. Hey, I'm on antibiotics right now! Like 5ish days left (it upsets me too much to count!). I'm taking cipro it upsets my tummy, but isn't horrible. I'm allergic to antinausea meds (I find that ironic). I haven't found any antibiotics that don't. I haaate antibiotics. Oh well sometimes u do what...