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  1. eating this way is a joke! Honeslty I'm going to taco bell because I am tired of going in circles trying to get healthy. I hope I do get duodenal cancer because I'm tired of this cut throat world and I want to die now and it seems I am going to die anyways and keep getting sicker, at least I can...
  2. this is weird cos I can't seem to find anyone else who has this issue. Most of us agree with gluten intolerance it seems. But even I asked my GI specialist and he was like "that doesn't make any sense!" basically whenever i eat corn or anything that contains corn or corn starch, I get like a...
  3. thanks everyone, yeah I agree it may be uncomfortable now but it is necessary and I'm sure I'll get used to it before too long and then I can reap the health benefits!
  4. today will be day 4 - it's especially difficult because i've been a fast food addict and pretty much living on fast food for the past 10 years. I am 32.
  5. yeah i got tested for covid a couple weeks ago and it was negative. I don't think its covid cos i can still smell pizzas and sub sandwiches and other tasty foods that healthy people can enjoy
  6. So benefits of gluten free: - no longer crapping myself, which also means less laundry - i feel like my nasal congestion is cleared up significantly and i can breathe better Cons: I have no appetite for any food. Everything without gluten taste awful to me. Even if I make a really...