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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Does anyone know whether there are gluten-free instant noodles? Like the Maggi noodle type - chicken or beef Also, anyone seen gluten-free and Yeast Free hamburger buns? Thanks p.s. It took me months to figure out how to log back into the forum - use your email address as your username...
  3. Has anyone heard of or used ImuPro300? http://www.imupro.com.au
  4. http://www.allergyexpo.com.au this weekend in Sydney
  5. Can you get your hands on the ingredients, Saz? As long as you can have corn or tapioca, it should be OK
  6. Thanks for that I love it when magazines get into it a bit more! My blog is at http://sh1ft.org/food - I'm eating through every supermarket and restaurant one meal at a time
  7. I met these guys at the Gluten Free Expo last week - I'm planning a trip to the factory http://www.chipman.com.au are my favourite corn chips ever - and they happen to be gluten free and organic I have a blog with alot of gluten free food entries in my area. PM me if you want...
  8. If Gloria Jeans stock 'Gourmet Treats from Heaven' - then you can eat that http://www.cookiesandbiscuits.com
  9. Did anyone else enjoy the Gluten Free Gourmet Food Expo today out in Homebush (NSW)?
  10. Hellooo Aussies So glad to have found you!!!!!!