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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Gluten Free Cruise

    I have cruised on Norwegian and Royal Carribean and am booked on Norwegian next month. Norwegian was so accomodating- gluten-free bagels, waffles, pizza. pasta...desserts.. I would put my dinner order in with a restaurant in the morning and it would be delivered to whichever restaurant we chose to eat at that night. Before the cruise they assured my husband that providing gluten-free food wouldn't be a problem. The only problem was finding the Maitre'D who knew about the gluten-free food. This time, I was emailed a list of gluten-free available and checked off what I would like them to have on the ship=can't ask for more than that. Royal Carribean was a disaster. They also assured us they had requests for gluten-free dining all the time and it wouldn't be a problem. Well, they lied! All they had was gluten-free rolls and every dnner was either a plain steak or grilled chicken..very disappointing!
  2. I went to my cousin's wedding at The Inn at Lambertville Station and they were very accomodating for dinner..food was great!
  3. Does anyone know if the Brown Rice at PF Changs is gluten-free? I have eaten there many times and prefer the brown rice over white. They don't add anything to the rice...
  4. Tgif

    The manager at Fridays had a list of foods containing allergens. I know some are afraid of cross contamination but it does list all allergens.
  5. The one thing I hate to hear is"You should just get the steak and baked potato and a salad with oil and vinegar"...translation: Don't feel like taking the time to ask!
  6. has anyone had all three gluten-free beers: Ramapo Valley, Bards and New Grist? I was thrilled to find out a local beer distributor stocks all 3! In fact, it is about 1.5 mile from the Gluten Free Bread Basket in Chester, NY.I have been drinking RV since it came out and like it. Just wondering if any one prefers one brand over the other.
  7. Has anyone tried all 3 gluten-free beers: Ramapo Valley, Bard's and New Grist? I found a beverage store around the corner from the Gluten Free Bread Basket in Chester, NY that carries all 3 gluten-free beers. I only ever had Ramapo Valley and wondered if anyone had an opinion on which of the three tastes the best....
  8. Chilly's Has No Clue!

    When I spoke to corporate after my experience in Dover, the person I spoke with said they do expect every Chili's location to have the gluten-free info on hand. Each restaurant owner decides whether they want to install the kiosk in their lobby that provides allergy info. She made it clear that my experience in Dover was clearly unacceptable and she was personally seeing to it that the staff have the materials and education to guide us in making gluten-free selections.
  9. Chilly's Has No Clue!

    I had the same problem in Dover, Delaware on my way home from NC. I emailed the corporate office that night from my hotel-I was upset over the apathetic attitude of the hostess and the fact that the manager wouldn't come out of the kitchen to speak with me. I got a call the next day from corporate apologizing profusely with a promise to educate that manager and his staff. I encourage you to email them-and report the restaurant by location that needs to be educated.
  10. Las Vegas--where To Eat On The Strip?

    There is a terrific steakhouse downtown on Fremont Street inside Fitzgerald's Casino. Now, don't get discouraged because Fitzgeralds looks sort of run down. Upstairs is "Limerick's Steakhouse". The waitress was awesome and didn't mind checking..and the manager couldn't have been more accomodating. It's a tad pricey but well worth it.
  11. I Ate At Pf Changs Last Night!

    jaimek: I think your correspondence was worded perfectly! You politely made them aware of the cross contamination issue while thanking them for their efforts in accomodating celiacs. While in Las Vegas last month, I went to PF CHangs for the first time and I was thrilled with all the dishes I tried. However, about 8 hours later it was obvious I "got glutened". I was disappointed but accidents do happen. I went to a different PF Changs in Las Vegas and asked the server to be extra safe with my order and had an enjoyable meal. I think the way you went about notifying them was excellent. It will most likely prompt the manager to speak with the staff about the importance of ensuring the dishes are gluten-free for us. I for one thank you for writing!
  12. Ignorant Server Of The Day

    On a recent business trip to Mississippi with my husband, I asked the waiter at this very chic steakhouse to check the ingredients on the french onion soup. I asked if it was made at the restaurant . When the waiter returned, he brought the soup out and told me it was gluten free except for the crouton floating in it!
  13. I am fortunate to live a mere 7 miles from this incredible bakery! Everything is baked on premises. They make bread, pizza crust, crusty rolls, pound cake, coffee cake, bagels, even Irish Soda Bread! They also make cookies, muffins, blondies and brownies. They have just started to take internet orders...so visit their website at www.gfbreadbasket.com. I think their pizza crust is the best I've ever had, the raspberry swirl coffee cake and pound cake is great! They also offer some commercial pastas and cereals. They are located about an 75 minutes outside of NYC -you won't be disappointed!
  14. To Life

    " LIke the link to the delphi forum product lists. " DO you have that link?
  15. Eating Out Gf In Orlando

    Fortunately, Disney is one place that takes allergies seriously. Are you staying/eating on Disney property? There is a # to call and also an email address that I will look up for you. They were very accomodating and at one restaurant they even made me a loaf of fresh,hot bread at the Italian restaurant right in the Magic kingdom. Most of the Disney character breakfast can do gluten-free pancakes or waffles...