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  1. Bud Light has a flavored Seltzer with 5 percent alcohol saying it is gluten free using malted rice. Is this a trusted statement and safe to drink?
  2. It may be gluten free, but it does not mention what type of bun it is placed on. So those thinking it is safe, may be at risk if the bun isn't gluten free.
  3. What ABOUT THE BUN WHICH IS PICTURED. Have seen any mention the bun is gluten free.
  4. I have had 2 knee replacements and am suppose to take antibiotics before dental appointments. First I was on Clindamycin, caused throwing up and horrible taste for days on end. Next Cephalexin; more throwing up, bloating, chest pains, muscle pain. Now they want to use Levofloxacin...
  5. Doctors who treat and research Celiac tell patients to never take activated charcoal as it can cause more harm than good.
  6. Felt like I wrote this article. Same thing our support group is dealing with. Wish I had a clear answer as what to do. Our support group was formed in 1979 and has always been active until 3 years ago. As we have aged, the younger members don't seem to have time to step up and take on group meetings...