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  1. Sorry that you are having such a hard time, but I think you sound like you have a good doctor and will help you through this. I think that what you have suffered all these years will be nothing in comparison to the colonoscopy. Definitely opt for the sedation and you won't feel a thing. I have done the prep for this 4 or 5 times and although it's not great it certainly wasn't as bad as one of my attacks. I think it's just because you know you are going to be on the toilet all night and you are doing it willingly makes it seem lousy. You do sound like you have a different relationship with food than some and that might be worth looking into. I don't think that with all that you have been through it would hurt for you to talk to someone about the way you feel. It's sometimes easier and much more cathartic to talk to a third party that won't be biased. Anyway, I hope that all goes well with your tests and that you finally get some answers. From everything that I have read I think that having been diagnosed for so long that you may have a longer road to healing than some. Keep walking the walk...
  2. Hi, I had an endoscopy that was negative for Celiacs. After the endoscopy I went gluten free because I needed to try somthing to help myself. I have been gluten free since September and have noticed a huge improvement in my health...which by the way I felt so ill that I no longer recognized my life. My gastro said he could do a colonoscopy if I wished to have one since he has since diagnosed me with IBS and I know that IBS stands for "IT"S BULL poop" so my question is this... Can celiacs only be diagnosed with an endoscopy or can the damage also show up in the large intestine and be viewed with a colonoscopy. I am not sure whether or not I would atually do it as I believe that no matter what I will stay away from gluten regardless of the diagnosis but just wondering if any of you know whether they can see celiacs or villi damage with a colonoscopy? Thanks
  3. Hi, I just wanted to say sorry that you are going through a bad time again. I also wanted to say that knowledge is power and that it can't hurt to have a doctor that is thorough with the testing. If you have celiac it doesn't mean that you can't have any other medical problem or gi problem. Very often steriods are used when Doctors suspect Crohns or Colitis so that may be what she is looking for. As for the tingling I would say that B12 is something you should look into. I hope that this helps, it's scary when your body betrays you this way but I firmly believe that your body's natural state is to be well and you must do everything in your power to help that. Hope you feel better soon.
  4. Hi, It's been two months since I have been gluten free and have weaned myself off of Nexium, 40mg. I couldn't go two days without the nexium previous to this. It's been over three weeks since I took my last one and I am doing GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a negative biopsy for celiac, and no bloodworkdone but I am having an amazing dietary response to being gluten, soy and lactose free. I wish you luck, and hope that you find some relief with the diet.
  5. Hi, This link doesn't seem to work, can you access it? Thanks
  6. Hi, I just want to say that I have had an endoscopy that came up negative. My GI did not do any blood work for Celiac, and it's too late now for that since I have been gluten free for 9 weeks and I am never going to go back on it. I am still waiting for more medical results and do see my GI in two weeks again. He is testing me for Crohns now. I told him I was on this diet and he said to keep it up! I would recommend to anyone that has any digestive problems to go gluten dairy and soy free just to see if they improve some of their symptoms. I kept thinking the diet wasn't working because after 6 weeks I still didn't notive an improvement but I was told to keep hanging on and I did. Finally 2 weeks ago I noticed a good couple of hours. I said to my husband " I don't have any pain right now!" and I kept on the diet and soon I was having a couple of good days and now I am having a GOOD WEEK! Thanks to all who said to keep this up, I am still going to be tested by enterolab for curiosity sake. And no matter what the diagnosis even if it is Crohns I will know that this diet has helped. Once again THANK YOU for this site, this advice and my hope is that all those that are suffering will find some resolution. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I had the SBFT last week, and it was really quite easy. I had to drink two glasses of ick, one was barrium and quite thick the other was thinner and sort of like milk of magnesia. Then they xrayed me and made me walk around until my intestinal track did it's thing. Then they xrayed me again with a sort of thing that squished against my stomach but it wasn't bad at all. I felt sorry for the people in the change rooms around me because I gagged after chugging the second glass of stuff. Just remember to to drink tons of water the rest of the day and the next day as that barrium can lodge in there!!! And to be really really gross...it doesn't really flush down the toilet! It's a heavy metal and it goes out the same way it goes in. Good luck! Why are you having it done, have you been diagnosed with celiacs? Terch
  8. I was wondering if there have been any Canadians that have used the lab? If so, what company did you use to ship the sample? And, did your doctor's here recognize the test results? Thank you. Terch
  9. I know that Crohns disease can affect the lungs as well as the intestinal tract. You may want to look into that. Congratulations!!!!!
  10. Hi, I am sorry that you are feeling this badly. I believe it was FDR that said "when you get to the end of your rope you need to tie a knot in it and hang on." I am sure you are tired and frustrated and it helps to vent and to know that others feel what you feel and that all you want is for someone to validate the fact that you don't feel well and that you are not crazy. I also think that seeing a psychiatrist is not a bad idea since that is a real medical doctor that could perhaps help you in finding some REAL help for your physical symptoms as well as help on how to cope with not feeling well. Just a thought! Goo luck. T
  11. Hi, I had one and it was a breeze. It really was easy since they give you something so that you don't really remember the procedure. I didn't even have a sore throat or anything. afterwards and actually had a good sleep in the afternoo which I haven't done in a long time. In all seriousness I am a big chicken and cried after my upper GI barrium swallow because I thought I was going to barf in a public place. I am such a suck that I get the shakes just having my teeth cleaned at the dentist's office and I made out fine with the egd so I am sure that you will too if you decide to do it. I am glad that I did just so that they could really see what was going with my stomach and this way I won't worry that I have something more sinister going on. Anyway, had another barrium today to see if I might have Crohn's... will find out in 4 weeks time. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
  12. I have gas like that... the first stirrings make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!! I never know how bad it's going to get. I did get gasx as well the extra strength kind. My son's dog at two of them (chocolate lab) he slept like a baby...first time he ever settled down here that well. I wish it worked like that for me. There is a great yoga position that helps relieve some gas, you lay flat on your back and bring one leg up and hold it against your chest then do the other leg. It works for me sometimes. Good luck. T
  13. Sparkles, Can I ask how old you are? It could be perimenopause, I have always slept 9-10 hours a night and once I hit 40 something changed and now my symptoms are just like yours. I am tired during the day and tired before going to bed and then nothing. Terch
  14. Mmmmmm I am going to be getting some of that rice bran! Thanks!
  15. That's actually a play on a Seinfeld quote (prognosis negative) but it's true my biopsy results came back negative. He is now going to test me for small bowel Crohns. I read up on Crohns and don't have any of the symptoms except maybe the abdominal pain and diarrhea! I am positive I don't have Crohns but maybe something else will turn up in the meantime. I must say I was rather dissapointed that my results came back negative, my GI was surprised by my reaction and he said and I quote " you don't want to have celiacs that disease is a real pain" hmmm So on Wednesday I go for my small bowel follow through test and lots of bloodwork, I will see what that uncovers. I am still gluten free and it will be 5 weeks on Sunday and so far no improvement that I can see. Oh one more thing, my GI also said that maybe my abdominal pain is from the Nexium!! He wants me to stay on it though. Now for my enterolab question... Can they test for celiacs disease or do they test for gluten sensitivity? Is the testing that refined or not? Terch
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