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  1. You may want to have an ultrasound to ensure that you don't have any gallstones that "got away" from the surgery... a friend of mine had similar symptoms and became very ill because apparently a gall stone was lodged inside a liver duct...
  2. Yes I agree with using D-Mannose... it is WONDERFUL for UTI's... and it's the ONLY PROVEN alternative supplement recognized for being able to effectively treat an existing UTI... I know it helped me...
  3. Well... we ate at the 99 last night... supposedly gluten free stuff... and I've been up all night with an itchy scalp and skin... my hair is coming out in handfuls... I won't be eating there again...
  4. I posted this at my other forum for NH Celiac's... but... thought it would be worthwhile to ask here since this is the place where I've always come to for advice... Anyway this has never happened to me before and I was curious if it's related to Celiac's disease and/or DH... and/or if anyone else has ever experienced it... We celebrate every Thanksgiving and Christmas at my parents' home... this year my mom went to a whole lot of trouble to ensure that our annual feast was gluten free... gluten free turkey, gluten free sides and desserts... it was fantastic... My brother's wife who is filipino... also made some foods and desserts for Turkey Day... spring rolls, sweet and sour pork w/ rice and Halo Halo (an ice cream dessert)... I didn't have the spring rolls... but she told me that the batter for her sweet and sour pork was corn starch... so I indulged... but within a half hour I felt bloated and sick... so I know there was hidden gluten and I'm pretty sure it wasn't in my mom's concoctions because she spent several weeks researching and planning so that her recipes would be completely gluten free... Anyway... the 'how' doesn't matter... it's the 'what' that's got me sort of freaked... On Friday... fever blisters started to appear everywhere on and around my lips... Now I've had fever blisters or cold sores before.. but usually only after being really sick with a fever... and usually only one... but these things came out of nowhere and just started forming one after the other in the corner of my lips... the front and top... I've been using Abreva and Herpecin... and they've gotten much better... but since it's never happened to me before I was wondering if it could be gluten related? Any thoughts?
  5. Tell them to go to the Dover Health Food Store in Dover, NH... LOTS of celiac foods and products and the owners are AWESOME people... will order whatever you want if they don't already carry it... plus they do a gluten free sale day every two months... this is awesome!!! I love this forum and will always be grateful to the seasoned pros here... but it's nice to have something more local to me :-) how long did it take to get your activation email?
  6. Dr. Doherty (naturopathic doctor) here in NH who also suffers from celiac's herself and specializes in the disease: http://www.pointnatural.com/about.htm
  7. I've been trying to find a naturopathic doctor who specializes in Celiac's... and came across this place: http://www.pointnatural.com/about.htm Apparently... Dr. Doherty herself is celiac and has done alot of work in the field... including writing several articles and being a regular contributor to publications on celiac disease... I emailed asking about rates... I think I'm gonna give her a try!
  8. Okay so I bought the Arrowhead Mills Baking Mix and decided to try out a few recipes by the Gluten Free Gourmet... I made apple cobbler... and I made a lowfat hollaindaise sauce for salmon/asparagus.... Both recipe trials came out fantastic... I served them to the whole family and no one said a word about it tasting funny or anything like that... I'm going to try the biscuit recipe on the back of the box next... but it's such a timesaver being able to buy the flour mix already made up and just using that in my gluten-free Gourmet recipes... instead of having to buy all the different flours and making it myself...
  9. I just bought the food and drug combo... I went for the one time download thing... bc I figure I won't need anything but annual updates thanks to this forum... so far I really like it :-)
  10. Ever since going gluten free... the one thing I have not been able to find a worthy replacement for is bread... I've tried so many different brands... and they all taste like drywall... IMHO... I even bought bread from th gluten free breadbasket specialty bakery... and I'd all but given up hope... but I picked up an Anna's bread mix from my local health food store and figured... well... I gotta keep trying... I had my mom bake up a couple of loaves (I can't bake bread worth a darn).... and all I can say is WOW... perfect bread texture... doesn't fall apart.... moist like bread should be... tasty... I mean it just tasted like really good homemade bread to me... so tonight I got to have my day after thanksgiving turkey sandwich... and I was soooooo happy... hubby even tried it and liked it... I had to limit him to two slices bc he was going for more when I reminded him that I needed it for me... lol... So if you are new to this whole gluten-free thing... don't bother wasting your money on any breads... go get an Anna's mix and make up your own...
  11. Sorry sweetfudge for not getting back to u sooner... I've been working 16 hour days and haven't gotten to the forum as much as I would like to... I'll get the recipe from her today and post it in it's own topic for Christmas desserts :-)
  12. I use this site frequently for recipes... http://allrecipes.com/Search/Recipes.aspx?...erm=gluten+free
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