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  1. I would love the list of flour mix recipes! My e-mail address is chrissy19702002@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  2. I have had fair results with the Chebe pizza mix. With the all-purpose Chebe I had a great turnout on a Sub roll type bun I created. I made it exactly as the recipe said, except I added a little more milk, and a teaspoon of baking powder. I left it in about 25 minutes, and right before it was competely cooled, I cut it down the middle. My husband really enjoyed his sandwich and said he wants it every week. As far as a good pizza crust, I use spelt flour and this recipe. I omitted the herbs though, but I do add the garlic powder. It always turns out well and makes enough for two good-size pizzas. http://squtch.quiet-like-a-panther.org/rec..._pizza_dough-17
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