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  1. Hi, I've recently been diagnosed Celiac. I have other auto immune and diabetic issues as well. My Dr. told me I have to be both Amylose AND Gluten free. I'm looking for help and information. Thanks, Karen
  2. Hi, I was diagnosed with Graves and Thyroid Eye disease in 2005. I was in the thoes of every mistreatment known to medicine and desperate and certainly not thinking right because of the thyroid storm that came on. I only learned after the fact that nearly a third of the people in severe thyroid storm die from it. I couldn't find verification of the facts, but I certainly felt like it. PLEASE take the opportunity to educate yourself and don't do the RAI or Surgery unless you have confimation of cancer. These procedures cannot be reversed and they mess you up so badly. I'm not sure which came first the chicken or the egg Graves or Celiac but I know my hormones are a mess and I just now 18 months and 5 doctors later finally found some one who knows what the heck he is doing. I would be happy to share my links with you to help you learn more, if you would like them, just email me off list: KFulbright@aol.com I'll help in anyway I can. That is now my goal, to help as many people as I can who may be suffering from ignorance and mistreatment by the medical community and endocrinologists. You are not alone!!! Karen
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