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  1. Hi Everyone! I posted a few weeks ago about the possibility that I may have celiac disease. I have all kinds of symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness ocassionally, puffy stomache after eating pasta's and breads, I also have LS which is an autoimmune disorder, etc. I had blood test drawn for celiac disease and for food sensitivities. These are the results. They are interesting and different than I thought. Celiac Test came back negative Reticulocyte count .8 normal is .5-1.5 Amsolute Reticulocyte C is 35 thousand Immature Reticulocyte F is .09 Immunoglobulin A is 231 normal is 64-450 Gliadin ABS-IGG is 4.6 Gliadin ABS - IGA is 3.8 Endomysial Antibodies is Negative (So, not sure what these numbers are but the doc said it was negative) Food Sensitivities Test Extreemly sensitive to - Brewer's Yeast - cherry, clam, egg yolk, garlic, hops, lamb, mushroom, rye, soybean, sweet potatoe, thyme, Moderately sensitive to - asparagus, avacado, baker's yeast, cane sugar, codfish, goat's milk, lemon, pork, walnuts, white potatoe, Mildly sensitive to - almond, barley, cinnamon, cranberry, date, halibut, lime, sesame, wheat No reaction to candida albicans, gluten, casein So, these are my results. I guess it's kind of surprising to me. I know I feel better if I eat rice pasta etc. but maybe it was not the gluten but the yeast. Has anyone ever gotten one of these food sensitivites test? Do you think they are accurate? Should I really try to stay away from these foods? I eat eggs all the time and dont seem to have symptoms, yet it says im highly reactive to them? I know beer upsets my stomache but the brewers yeast would explain that. Maybe I should just try going yeast free. I guess its pita pockets for me:) I should also find a yeast sensitivities forum or food sensitivities. So, good news, not gluten intollerant, bad news, yeast is a problem! Thanks everyone!
  2. Thanks everyone for your feedback! Well, I did try to go gluten free for a day...I don't really want to stop totally without knowing my test results to see if it is even necessary as I really enjoy breads and pasta! But, today I just tried going without the breads and such. I started to feel a little more stable and had more energy. But tonight I had 2 slices of pizza. I am curious as to what will happen with the results. Ill keep everyone posted! It does make sense that you would crave those things that give you the problems!
  3. Hi everyone- I'm a newbie here and I'm glad to have found this site. I only recently heard about Celiac disease but I am wondering if I have it. My doctor is very good. She is one of the holistic types and she has drawn blood for two seperate tests to see if I have Celiacs disease. All I know is that these blood test are expensive she is running. It will be interesting to see what happens. She is also running a "food sensitivities" test. Heres some of my symptoms and history...maybe you can give some feedback. -history of depression/mood swings/ lethargic type depression -stomach bloats after eating sometimes (especially the upper portion of my tummy) -get bad constipation -was diagnosed last year with Lichen Sclerosis which is another autoimmune thing that they dont know the cause of. -Dad has diabetes and mom has Graves disease. -dizziness at times -I seem to CRAVE pasta and cheese. After I eat it I get down and tired, moody, etc. but amazingly these are the exact foods I crave. -I have a dry and flaky scalp. -white tounge in the morning and bad breath after consuming breads and pastas especially. -The doc said I dont have enough "good" bacteria in my vaginal area and she suggested acidophilus pills and yogurt. I dont know if this is from Celiac or not but I will find out soon from the doc. It would be nice to know if there was something I could do to help these mood swings and lethargic stuff. Also the puffy tummy. Thanks! -artsy
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