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  1. I, like many other on this forum have been tested by Dr Fine's Enterolabs. I had both the Glueten Sensitivity and Complete Gene Panel. Gene analysis revealed that I have one of the main genes that predisposes to gluten sensitivity and celiac sprue. Yet I do not the the villi damage that places me in the Celiac catagory. I had biopsies for villi damage prior to getting help from Dr Fine's lab. In reading all the data that Enterolabs sent me Dr Fine seems to feel that both situations are similiar. Here is Dr Fine's website, maybe that will help you undestand more about this situation. http://www.finerhealth.com/Educational_Inf...en_Sensitivity/ I also have the inherited anti-casein gene. So it is necessary for me to avoid both gluten and dairy products. I was not surprised by the lab findings as I had skin scratch tests many years ago and learned I had the gluten problem. However after avoiding it for several years I could once again tolerate it until recently when I began to have constant diarrhea, bloating and sore gut.
  2. This article is from the free weekly People's Pharmacy website http://www.peoplespharmacy.org/archives/ed..._alzheimers.asp
  3. I'm new to this board and it's incredible how much I've already learned. I'm a US citizen but live in Mexico where they use "achiote" in many dishes. I thought my body responded badly to it but then again just chalked it up to maybe I didn't really like the flavor. Now seeing your post I'm convinced I probably was getting a signal from my gut that it did not agree with achiote/annatto.
  4. I have other problems as well as Gluten related stuff. From another support group they recommended a compounding pharmacy with a phone # 1-800-728-0288. Pharmacist name is Pete. Sorry don't know what city they are in but maybe he can answer your questions re: thyroid meds.
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