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  1. I have to take a stool sample to be tested for other bacteria and parasites. I have been putting it off because I really don't feel like walking through the hospital with something that is obviously a stool sample during the day (I know too many people there). Luckily the lab is open 24 hours so I hope to make a late night run. Anyone know what I will take since I am allergic to amoxicillin?
  2. I had to go to the doctor for my follow up from my colonoscopy the day after Christmas. He did more blood test and order an endoscopy for yesterday. They called from the office today to tell me that my test came back positive for H Pylori. Finally... a diagnosis! So, I start the antibiotics tonight. Any crazy side effects I should know about? I don't know exactly what they are giving me yet since I am allergic to amoxicillin. Also, how is this spread? My boyfriend has an undiagnosed ulcer, could it be from him? He is going to the doctor on January 9th, so I have a feeling if it is spread my bodily fluids they will or should test him too.
  3. Sonja, I understand completely how you feel. I feel like I have accomplished nothing (no dx) after being poked and proded for the past six months! It's very frustrating to feel that way. My new doctor said that I definitely have some sort of malabsorption problem and ran the celiac panel to check. It came back fine, but said gluten could still be the problem. So I am going to stick with the diet even though I have no dx of celiac disease. I had a colonoscopy Monday b/c colon problems run in my family and he said on first glance everything looked fine. He took biopsies and sent them off. I haven't heard back yet, but it will probably be fine too. I am also not anemic according to the blood work, but have had horrible migraines in the past. Since being gluten-free I have noticed a significant decrease in my headaches. My neurologist told me to track my headaches by recording what time they start, level of pain, level of stress, foods I had eaten, and the weather. I noticed a pattern of high stress and high carbs. Try exercising to help your headaches as well. When I am in a bad mood, I run... find what works for you. As far as the lack of support from family and friends, I totally know where you are coming from. My dad's side of the family thinks I am nuts (even though they are the ones with the colon problems - kind of ironic?) and is completely unsupportive without a diagnosis. They too didn't understand why I would willing go on this diet. Explain it to people like this... vegetarians go on diets because they choose to, your family members and friends are on the diet that they choose to be. There are all sorts of crazy diets out there (no offense to anyone who tried them b/c I have too)... South Beach, Atkins, Grapefruit, CABBAGE SOUP!!! People go on these because they hope to find something that makes them feel better outwardly and inwardly. You choose to do the gluten free life style b/c it makes you feel better (it also helps eczema). You are making the healthy choice for you. They should support you because you are taking care of yourself. Who cares if you eat what they consider "weird food," it's actually an extremely healthy diet to be on because the naturally gluten-free foods happen to be fruits, veggies, rice, etc. Stick with gluten-free products and you will get better! And tell all the nay-sayers to mind their own business... you do what is right for you and your health. Once they see the results maybe their stupid comments will stop. If you ever need support this is the place to find it. I for one, am proud of you because I know how hard it is to stand up to your family and friends and to actually stick with the gluten-free lifestyle without support. But you can do it... and great health is the best result you could ever ask for. Good luck!
  4. I've had the same problem before. I cut the bread and placed it on a cookie sheet and cooked the rest. I cut off the overly burnt parts then cut the bread into bite sized squares and made croutons. I can't help with the bread recipe, but at least you can save the bread you already made.
  5. Where can you find Tinkyada pasta? Can you order it online?
  6. I guess I should have clarified a bit... I had a colonoscopy to check that it was "just celiac disease." It was scheduled before my blood work from the celiac panel came back negative. The reason he wanted to check was that colon cancer, ulcertive colitis, and diverticulitis run in my family (the last two starting in the mid-20's, I am 24). I have not had an endoscopy and would not want to since I would have to go back on gluten (been on/off for months) to have sure results. I would rather not put myself through feeling so yuck again. He suggested the Immodium since I was I still having D. Looking back it was always when I ate something I shouldn't have. I think I am just going to eat real simple foods and see how that goes and use Immodium as a back up. Any advice on good meals that are easy on the digestive system?
  7. I looked at the ingredients and it list modified food starch. Am I right that this can or cannot contain gluten? Has anyone ever had this and what was your reaction? I love this stuff and haven't had it in a while because I was scared to try it, but now I have a craving. If it does have gluten then does anyone have a recipe for chicken salad that is gluten free?
  8. So I had my colonoscopy yesterday - not too bad except for the prep. Anyway, the doctor took several biopsies, but said he couldn't see anything abnormal right off. He suggested I stay gluten-free as that seemed to be helping to do degree. He also told me to take 1 Immodium at each meal. Doesn't this seem like a lot? Of course I was out of it when he was talking with me & my family, so I didn't get to ask him for how long. Has anyone else been on this daily and if so for how long? I just don't want to turn one problem into another.
  9. I just had my colonoscopy yesterday and my doctor told me to stick with a very basic diet of veggies, fruits, and plain white meats. No peanuts, popcorn, pretzels... basically he said anything "sharp" or hard to digest. Hopefully this will help while I heal and get rid of the horrible cramping feeling that I have when I eat. He basically told me to just baby my intestines for a while.
  10. My blood work also came back negative and my doctor said that even though medically speaking he didn't think gluten was the problem, that if the diet was working to stick with it. It acknowledges the high rate of false negatives in the blood test.
  11. Today is my first no-dairy day. Hopefully it will go okay. I am at least going to give it a week and see how it goes. We are having our office Christmas party today and I hope that there will be something I can eat there. If not I think I might go home and try the potatoes that were suggested. They sound yummy! I am going to make a gluten free dinner tonight. Any suggestions? Keep in mind, I am cooking for my non-gluten free boyfriend who is a down home southern guy who likes meat and potatoes. Actually, thinking about it - it's surprising we ever agree on anything to eat.
  12. It's going to be hard for me to give up dairy. But I am going to try it. Does anyone eat the soy cheese? If so which brand is the best? I love cheese and it's basically all I eat to get in extra calories. Is Ensure okay? It says lactose and gluten free, but contains milk and soy.
  13. Before going gluten free I would have horrible anxiety problems and could not sleep. I was in the same pattern you are with some nights being fine and others being horrible. I finally got to the point where out of nowhere I just broke down crying because I just wanted to sleep but couldn't. My doctor put me on Lexapro for anxiety and gave me Ambien to take "as needed." It worked wonders at getting me out of the routine of not sleeping. Now if I can't sleep I will write down everything that is bothering me and keeping me awake. It helps to know that I can't do things at three in the morning and it usually relaxes me enough to go to sleep. Then in the morning I will wake up energized and ready to go. I changed my B complex vitamin to mid-day, when I really need the boost. Also, if you work out, pay attention to when you do. If I run at night I have trouble getting to sleep. I am now glad to report that I am sleeping better than I have in years. If you stick with the gluten free lifestyle it will get better. There have been numerous reports/studies on the relationship b/t celiac disease and anxiety. Mine has gotten so much better since being gluten free. I hope to get off the Lexapro at my check up in February. Hope you get feeling better soon!
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