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  1. tarnalberry - that's a good point, too. I was taking a different calcium supplement before so I don't think it's the Ca, but I switched to Caltrate to get additional minerals as well, so maybe it is the Mg...that would make some sense. Although I still hope it was a reaction to something else entirely so that I don't have to waste this whole bottle of pills I just bought!
  2. Interesting that this should come up right now...Caltrate is on the gluten-free list at glutenfreedrugs.com and it looks to be gluten-free (they actually list "corn starch" as an ingredient so I'm guessing that's their binder), but I just started taking it and it seemed like it was making me sick, so I've stopped for now...once I feel 100% better I'll go back to it and see if it was really the culprit or not. I also want to call their customer service, just haven't had a chance yet...really it seems like it should be gluten-free, so I'm hoping something else was my issue. Does anyone else have
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