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  1. Why does my message reminder at the top say -1 New Messages? That is weird. I looked and am not at my quota and no new message either. And... it clearly says -1 not just 1 ...minus one.
  2. I think Lakiesha should be in movies after AI. She is funny, has a dead pan sense of humor and a great look. I would rather see her than listen to her sing... She sings ok, but I like her more than I like her singing. I am glad blake changed his hair. I think he is too plain looking with the blonde hair. He needs to shake things up. Too many men who are stars never invest in their looks. WOmen have to constantly change hair styles, update trends in style. It is nice to see a male performer who feels the need to shake things up. I like to see a man work as hard as a woman!
  3. I believe the diet seems so restrictive at first that all who hear of it are wondering what it is a celiac will end up being able to eat. I think it is wonderful that your boss took an interest in your food. It shows he remembered your health issue. He's curious. That's a good thing.
  4. So, would any and all dairy products contain gluten then? Like perhaps gluten free breads prepared with dairy. Or whey protein. Would that have gluten? We are dairy free anyway, but it this news throws a wrench in any and all gluten free foods prepared with dairy.
  5. I purchased Hemp tortillas recently because I cannot stand corn tortillas any longer and the Hemp tortillas looked interesting and the package felt soft. They were great. Has anyone tried them? I am so happy to have tried them. I have had wonderful salad filled hemp tortillas all week long. Today I was on a site called votehemp.com It was very interesting information. I believe the celiac community would do itself a great service by getting behind the Industrial Hemp movement. The crop is easily grown in the U.S. The food products are delicious! Offers an alternative that is grown in the U.S. and is very healthy. Again, our government is reacting to it's long time friends in the other grain industries, so the HEMP growers need friends from the consumers. We celiacs should band together to promote the resource Hemp growers offer us. With the CNN report stating that the gluten free industry is tripling, why not throw our collective weight behind a fledgling industry that is NEEDS support, will provide US with a food source that is local to the U.S. , healthy and looking to remain ORGANIC so it's not loaded with pesticides? I'm hoping others reading this will check out the site, see the value to the celiac community, get behind the votehemp campaign, and become the main backers of the growers thereby becoming the folks THEY answer to rather than some other group. It would be nice to have a grain grower looking to us for support! I see this as an opportunity for the celiac community in the U.S.
  6. I was more upset by the living conditions. I know people are sick and dying and that is very sad, but to be sick and dying in such filth seems even more an insult to the dignity of the person. The endless trash those people are surrounded by was horrible. The huts the little children lived in. I expressed to my children the environment of the children. Where are the playgrounds, the parks, the bikes and colorful toys. For them, they could understand that more than the images of the sick and dying. Two of my children are still too young to appreciate human suffering on the scale presented by the images. My older child- who as an American Teenager has not witnessed such suffering in his life- still can't relate as an adult can, but was more empathetic than the two younger children. We have gone to orphanages in Mexico and brought along gifts to ease suffering... that is what we are capable of as non medical people. So, we have seen the suffering poverty alone brings. It is the ability to comprehend sickness that is difficult. But I know when I am simply ill, I like the comforts of a soft bed, cleanliness, healthy food and drink. That alone, eases some of the suffering. Knowing my children would be cared for were something to happen to me is another source of comfort. I can't imagine being one of those women.
  7. I understand that to a degree. I know I'm moving to make my day to day life more affordable. I have to leave california. In order to be a stay at home mom, I have to do it.
  8. Chris's song was by Eric Clapton. I have that song by him on my ipod.
  9. Homeschool. My children will not receive that HPV experiment. I'm surprised they'd do this with all the autistic parents still pointing fingers at vaccines as a root cause. I'm surprised these folks aren't making more noise. Perhaps they are not aware? I know so many families in California who homeschool their children. Not because the schools are bad, but because they want the institution out of their everyday lives. I've homeschooled for semesters at a time. Simply because I needed a break from all the heavy handed involvement of the school. "DO this" "DO that" TWO HOURS OF HOMEWORK A DAY after a 7 hour school day. If my spouse came home with that much work AFTER work, I'd have labled him a "workaholic". But for mere children- this is ok? I needed a break and so did my children. Homeschooling was fun. (It was also extremely easy with all the teacher supply stores out there. I believe because we think we can not teach our children and that we believe we need the school system- we mistakenly believe we will have to comply with the new laws. I would remove my children before I would comply with a law I didn't believe in.
  10. Who do you think will be in the top three? I'm guessing: Melinda Jordin Phil I didn't put Blake in there because I believe with the VFTW votes, (and Blake has already been in the bottom three! ) he'll be voted out. I keep hoping for a miracle and Melinda will be voted off. She doesn't need American Idol. Apparently, she's the greatest singer in the known universe and she'll get a record deal no matter what at this point... so why not let her get voted off?
  11. Some celiacs find the years of gluten poisoning has caused many other health ailments. Some are looking for safe sweeteners to replace sugar. Some are wondering why the FDA's "safe" altenative sweeteners make them feel like death. That's because the FDA has approved sweet things that will kill you slowly and rot your brain to swiss cheese with neurotoxins. Aspertame is being touted, once again, as SAFE by the FDA. These fake sugars are not safe. These fake sugars are poison. The FDA would have like to keep the lid on STEVIA longer because the sugar industry and the fake sugar substitute industry paid them to keep STEVIA off the market, and it worked for a long time. So, for those who don't know, and are reading the new reports from the FDA that aspertame and the like are ! SAFE ! .... Listen, go get yourself some Stevia. Not all Stevia is perfect. Some has a bitter aftertaste. I experimented a bit and found the Stevia by NOW is really good. It says "No aftertaste" and it's a bit of a lie, but really easy to get used to.
  12. I think Lakeisha is going home. I thought this last week, too. I like her. I really liked how Simon scolded Melinda about the cutesy "YOu think I'm GOOD" act. That was a nice thing to have what I've been thinking voiced. Thank you Simon. I just laughed and laughed at Sanjaya. I'm ready for him to go home. He's had a good run. I wouldn't buy an album from any of these singers. I'm not interested in any of their voices.
  13. As long as you apply it right after a shower, there's a good chance you won't smell. I find if I forget to apply it directly after showering, I will get smelly. The bacteria must not have an opportunity to accumulate. The sweat doesn't smell. It's the bacteria. I will not apply anything to my body that has chemicals I can avoid with a bit of effort. We use only cocoa butter sticks for mosturizer, crystal sticks for deod, free shampoos, soaps, detergents, - but also avoid the plant estrogen laden lavenders,etc. Essential oils are not truely essential.. More harmful than given credit for.
  14. There is much good information on line about the cancer causing effects of commercial deodorants. The FDA is responsible for approving the antipersperant chemicals in the standard deod/antiPer on the market. The antibacterial qualities of a deodorant do not require FDA regulation. The (cancer causing) antipersperant in your average product is what requires FDA approval... need more proof that it's dangerous to your health????? I use a mineral rock. I sweat and have sweat marks on my shirts. I've learned to live with them and not give a rat's behind what others are thinking. So what if someone thinks it's gross. I'm not clogging my pores with cancer causing/ FDA approved chemical.
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