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  1. I think that is a wonderful analogy! Whatever works to make you realize that your choices are YOUR choices to make, without guilt! My dog suffers from Celiac disease we believe, though definitely SEVERE food allergies to all glutens. So if I have company I'm constantly eyeing everyone to be sure that they aren't feeding Maximus (my dog) anything he shouldn't, and God help them if they drop something!!! It's bad for my dog to get these foods, he will be sick for a week from eating ONE potato chip... IMO there is no room for a slip-up. Good for you for finally realizing that choosing your own health and realizing that anyone too blind to see your reasoning isn't worth getting yourself sick for!
  2. Hey! My name is Christina and I run the I Heart Paws Pet Community & forums. You can read my dog, Maximus' story here: http://iheartpaws.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1719 ... there is also a link on that page telling Maximus' story from before these problems arose... again! I apologize for there being so much to read, but if you have the time to skim those threads it would be greatly appreciated! Coincedentally, my fiancee has severe stomach problems (Celiac disease runs in his mother's side of the family) and when he went on the zone diet (gluten free) they disappeared. He refuses to go to the doctor, but I'm working on him. We truly believe he has Celiac disease as well!. However, he is able to manage his symptoms with Lomodil (sp)... now Maximus is on Lomodil as well!! After reviewing Maximus' allergy test from last year with my fiancee's sister (who is a nurse) we came to the conclusion that he may have Celiac disease. He is allergic to EVERY gluten, barley, potato, wheat, corn, etc. He was on Wellness Simple Solutions, a food consisting of Brown Rice, Venison and supplements and was doing wonderful for a year, but after getting sick again I'm suspecting the rice to be a culprit. He's only two, so he was just a puppy when he first got sick and the allergies may have matured as he did. He gets severe Cholitis and IBD as a result of his food allergies. In a few days we are going to send a stool sample to the lab for an advanced culture. However, in the meantime I want to switch to a homecooked diet and drop the dog food altogether. While I'm homecooking for my dog, I figured I can homecook for my fiancee since they both have the same condition (I guess that can be looked at as a good thing since gluten isn't good for you anyway- so the diets in our household can be consistant). I was hoping I could get some pointers, learn a bit about the disease, get reciepes and support! Thank you so much for offering a place to get help with Celiac disease, I look forward to meeting all of you!!
  3. Science Diet is actually a pretty bad food (sorry! eek! ). You may want to check out this article on Dog Food or copy and paste: http://www.iheartpaws.com/articles/35/1/Do...ra-Presley.html Surprisingly I'm here because we believe that my fiancee has Celiac disease... AND my dog!!! Like father like son... ::wipes forehead:: I'm going to be lots of home cooking in the near future!
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