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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I think that the key is to remember that gluten-free bread is nothing like wheat breadl I use corn starch , potato flour and rice flour the key is xanthum gum. The consistancy is a lot wetter than bread dough. It only has to rise once . I used to make everything really dry and crumbly. The Gluten Free Kitchen cookbook was my best discovery. I like to add rice flour to give things a little more texture. (I made cinnamon rolls...mmm.) It is definitely a learning experience, but once you find your way it tastes pretty good. My son even loves the corn bread. Good Luck. Brenda
  3. Don't drink beer, barley malt bad. Most drinks are ok, Enjoy the cruise. My experiences have been pretty good. I go by the idea that eatig in the dining room is the best for people with Celiac. Let the staff know ahead of time that you are gluten free. On the ship make the head waiter know and if all goes well you will be given menus and they will give you suggestions. If all else fails steak and potato is not a bad meal. Sometimes you will feel let down, dessert time . But there are some desserts that are gluten free. They will let you have different stuff than other people to make you happy. I have not been on Carnival, but they all are aware of people and their food problems. Have a great time.
  4. The best book for baking , that I enjoy, is the Gluten Free Kithcen. Cinnamon rolls, corn bread, biscuits and the list goes on, my family that are not gluten-free enjoy them, and they are brutal critics. If they like something it tastes like the real thing. Good luck, enjoy and xanthum gum is the magic ingredient. This book uses corn starch and potato starch instead of expensive alternatives. Sometimes I put in a little rice flour for a little more texture.
  5. Some relatives seem to have a weird sense of humor, or a streak of meanness. My SIL and my family were having a party for my inlaws 60 th anniversary. She was having it at her house, I said I'd fix the food for it . Well, she went ahead and ordered....sandwiches for the party. Witch.... My inlaws are very considerate and my MIL cooks everything gluten-free. If they all were as nice as she is it would be great. Let's say I always bring my own food to my SIL's house.
  6. I managed to get osteoperosis from having celiac disease, in the last two years , since diagnosis, my back has gotten much better, I was walking around like an old slumped over lady....now just an old lady. I stand up most of the day and I can safely say that it is much better than two years ago. Good luck, going gluten-free helps your body a lot.
  7. Today on the ultimate with Tyler Florence on the Food network ,he made onionrings with rice flour maybe about 2 cups, l tablespoon of baking soda and l table spoon of baking powder salt and pepper and I used gluten-free beer. Dredge the onion in rice flour then in the batter. I did it twice to keep the breading on better, they turned out pretty well. I think the real recipe, not just the eyeball method that I use is on the food network ....I've waited 2 years for an onion ring.....pretty good, I also looked up the blooming onion sauce from outback. It was about a half cup mayonnaise , 2 Tablespoons of ketchup, horseradish about 2 T. salt pepper , paprika, and cayanne pepper. Oh what a night....
  8. Annalise Roberts Gluten free kitchen was one of the best investments I've made. She uses corn starch potato starch and xantham gum....best tasting cinnamon rolls , corn bread biscuits .....mmmmgood. Sometimes to add a little more texture I'll add a little rice flour or cocnut flour to make a little more likethe real thing. '
  9. Tinkyada is by far the best pasta I've tried, made pasta and tuna tonight and once again my son didn't leave any left overs. Their lasagna noodles are fantastic......I guess you would say I think they are good.
  10. I've been using mary kay for years and my skin is better than it was before. Some people break out when they change what they routinely use on their skin. It's too bad it hurt you.
  11. I usually go with the steak salad and baked potato.
  12. We use gluten-free ginger snaps, they make a great crust.
  13. I have been gluten-free for two years, holidays are a pain and eating out isn't what it once was but...I 've learned to make some great gluten-free foods. It really isn't bad at home, and once I learned to make cinnamon rolls I was really happy. Life is good, I like to cook fortunately. as my mother once said , It's a good thing this happened to you and not your sisters...they hate to cook. It is very scary at first and I bought a lot of weird flour and stuff that I will never use,but you do feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me....but we do survive (with some pretty good food) At first my attempts were not all that tastey.
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