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  1. I'm sure how long it takes for me, a couple hours maybe. I usually get acid stomach and sharp stabbing pains in the stomach and then it moves to the intestines with sharp stabbing pains there. If it's bad enough I get constipated and I have been known to throw up too. I'm working on being as strict as possible, don't enjoy the side effects.
  2. I haven't posted in a long time but I come here every day. I hope everyone has a healthy and Happy New Year!
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Hang in there. It can take several weeks or even months for your body to heal and symptoms to go away. It's also a possibility that the symptoms you describe are not caused by gluten. I've been gluten free for over a month but still have some problems. I think they're caused by accidentally getting some gluten.
  5. I don't think of food all that much. I do make a point of planning ahead what I will have for the next meal or snack. I make sure that I have foods on hand that I can have.
  6. I'm self disagnosed. I've had "stomach problems" most of my life. But the last couple of years it has gotten much worse. I started getting acid stomach and bloating and gas. The doctor called it IBS. My husband found some information on the Internet about gluten intolerance. When I checked it out and started a gluten free diet the acid stomach has cleared up quite a bit. I still have to take a pill now and then but I was taking pills twice a day. The bloating and gas are pretty much gone and the stomach pain is pretty much gone. I can tell when I get some gluten because the pain in my stomach comes back, it's a stabbing pain. Every now and then I get tempted to go off the diet but all I have to do is remind myself what will happen if I do that and I get over the temptation. I feel much to good now to go back to gluten foods. I was a serious bread lover, actually all baked goods, cakes, pie, cookies, etc. Now I don't care about bread at all and I make my own cookies, etc.
  7. Abdominal pain is another one of the symptoms that I get when I eat gluten. That's how I know I have messed up. Gluten free clears it up. I still get a little twinge now and then but I think that's the healing process.
  8. It is definitely one of my symptoms. That's one of the ways that I know I ate some gluten. Bad cramps. It goes away when I am gluten free.
  9. My reflux calmed down within a couple of days. I still take an acid reducer pill once a day. After I've been gluten free for several weeks I will slowly cut back on it. Maybe every other day and then every 2 days and so on. I was gluten free for 6 months last year and only had to take the pill once or twice a week. Then I went off the diet and am now starting the process over.
  10. I will be 54 in July. I'm self diagnosed. I've been on and off the gluten free diet. But I have finally come to terms with it. I feel a whole lot better on it, not 100 percent but better. It just takes time, I believe.
  11. I've been through a bankruptcy in 1999. Our credit is doing good now but it was rough going. If at all possible try to avoid a bankruptcy. Try to talk to your creditors and work something out. As far as the bankruptcy is concerned we just went to a lawyer and they worked it out.
  12. I made the mistake of peeling the skin off of a piece (actually several pieces) of fried chicken thinking that I could get away with it. Didn't work, paid for it later.
  13. Sounds to me like you have classic celiac symptoms. Especially since the rash is starting to clear since going gluten free. The gluten free diet is not easy but it's worth it. You'll better and better the longer you stay on it.
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