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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thank-you so much for thin info.!
  3. I also wonder if it's because 0+ is the most common blood type in America.
  4. I'm going to the dentist for the first time since going gluten-free. What do I need to ask about? Thanks
  5. My mil tells a story about my DH and bil. The boys were in the back seat with gum, half pulling out of their mouth letting the wind from the windows "blow bubbles". They ended up with gum all over the cloth seats (that fake velvet) the boys hair and clothes. My mil said she should have know something was up since it was so quiet.
  6. Infestation

    I noticed you're from OR. I live in SW Washington, the spiders and mosquitos are really bad this year. Keep oscillating fans going, mosquitos don't fly well/at all in wind. Good luck with the spiders I'm killing them all the time. Keep your place sealed up, make sure there are no cracks around the screens. I woke up one morning, all of us including my kids were covered in bites, I found fourty + mosuitos on my bedroom window. I killed them all and started keeping all the fans going, and fixed a screen that was crooked and an open area around the air cinditioner. I still kill about two mosquitos a week in my house, but my kids forget to close the door when they go out to play. Good luck.
  7. Homeschooling

    I home school my kids, it's a kick in the pants. The best part is you can do what works for you and your family. My husband sometimes has days off in the middle of the week so we can do something together as a family and not worry about crowds. My kids have different learning styles so I can meet their needs when I instruct them. This is the time of year that you can find seminars for homeschooling, as well as curriculum fairs. See if you can find a homeschooling co-op in your area. The people in those will have a wealth of info. .
  8. A little history. My daughter had problems with pooping leaving sores in her rectum when she was 18 mo. The doctor said it was a dairy allergy so we went that route and she got over it. Last Oct. I was diagnosed with celiac disease. About six weeks ago the same daughter (now 4 1/2) started having nasty poop, and then she started only going a couple of times a week. Some times very nasty, sometimes mostly normal. I had her tested and it came out negative. I'm thinking of trying a gluten free diet for awhile to see if it changes things. Do you all think I should, and if so how long?
  9. I had such a good appointment with my DD's pediatrician. I told her that I wanted Michaela tested, and before I even had a chance to tell her why, she nodded her head and asked if my other DD had been tested. Although I told her my reasons, I didn't have to, she was ready to do it. I do plan on having my older DD tested, but she has no symptoms, so we are testing the youngest first because she has symptoms. I was very pleased that her pediatrician seem to be on the ball as far as what celiac is and the false negative that happens. She even thought trying a gluten-free diet with a negative tedt would be a good idea, just to see if that's the problem. Sooo, starting Monday our whole home is going gluten-free.
  10. I would tell someone from the begining, you don't want them to surprise you with something and that be the reason you have to explain yourself. Also make sure you either use the word allergy or disease. You don't want to say I don't eat food with WORB. People are more accepting of those with dietary needs than those who are high maintenance on fad diets. Also you said you were waiting to date a little while, by then you should have this celiac thing down and not worry so much about being sick.
  11. When I first found out I had celiac disease I was a mess, when I finally got a grip I lived on the internet (this disease had to truly be difficult for those who were dx before the internet). I read books on the disease, and basically submerged myself in everything to do with it. It was always on my mind. Celiac disease was who I was. But I have started to move past that. I'm educated about what I have, I'm learning to cook (I had fried chicken, country gravy and yellow cake this week), I now "do gluten-free" without thinking about it. I don't think much about it during the day. I have become a person with a life again. I just happens to have celiac disease, and it's not that big of a deal. Thank-you to all of you who put yourselves out there to help the newbies get past the hard part.
  12. I take my 4 yo in to the Dr. in a month. I want to have her tested. What should I ask for and if the Dr. is resistant what information should I provide her with. I don't think "my online friends think it's a good idea" would work. When dd was 2 she was having bowl problems, it hurt for her to poop so she would hold it in. I took her to the Dr. and dd was dx with dairy allergies. No matter how vigilant I was she didn't get any better. I took her back to the Dr, she sent me for allergy testing, she tested neg for dairy. There was one spot on her back that was slightly irritated, but the allergist thought it was nothing. I wish I could remember what that spot was testing, maybe it was wheat. The Dr. said that she must have outgrown the allergy that the holding back was a habit now and gave me a med to make her poop. Dd was on that for a year before she would poop on her own. Now she seems fine accept her poop. One day it will be so hard and big that she cries and the next day it will be so sticky that I use a half box of wipes just to clean her up. (tp just makes a bigger mess). I'm sure that this info has been given before, but I don't even know where to begin. Thanks!
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