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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I've had the Van's waffles without getting glutened too, although I prefer the Lifestream buckwheat waffles.
  3. I have had cramps and pain in my legs for 16 years, since my deep vein thrombosis (DVT) - a blood clot in the veins impeding blood from returning to the heart. I don't know if my DVT was caused by celiac, but it could be. My Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinc doctors couldn't come up with any cause but this was long before my celiac diagnosis. If you have DVT, other signs would be a sudden initial onset of the condition (1-2 days), and symptoms that are worsened by exercising the legs and lessened by resting and elevating them. If you have these symptoms you need to confirm with an ultrasound test and may be helped by clot-busting drugs. But hopefully you have something else. Good luck.
  4. DVT is short for deep vein thrombosis, i.e., a blood clot obstructing a vein.
  5. I am also Lutheran. I talked with my pastor who was fine with giving me gluten-free communion wafers (which I ordered online from Ener-G Foods). She holds my wafer on one side or under the tray so the wheat wafers don't contaminate it. The harder problem was that my church communes by intinction (dipping the wafer into the wine), so my wife and I always have to sit at the front of the church so that I can commune before the wine has been cross-contaminated. Otherwise I do not take the wine. By the way, I can speak as someone with theological training in the Lutheran tradition, and as far as our theology is concerned you are receiving Christ in communion whether you receive gluten-free wafers or wheat, or whether you take only one element (bread or wine) or both.
  6. I was glutened the first time I tried Woodchuck so I'm surprised you all have had good experience with it. Perhaps I had cross contamination from another source. I like Wyder's hard apple cider, which I buy at Trader Joe's.
  7. I've had no problem with the 365 corn tortillas either.
  8. I can second tarnalberry's recommendations on Thai restaurants. Curries with white or brown steamed rice are almost always safe, and I love curry, so I don't usually go any further. But many places will also tell you that their noodle dishes are made with rice noodles. I'd also recommend Mongolian Barbecue which gives you a choice of sauces, and are often willing to prepare your dinner in a separate wok. If you skip the soy or brown sauces and choose rice wine, ginger, or oil you should be OK.
  9. Hmmm. Maybe I can give this test a try in a couple weeks. I was glutened by cross-contamination when dining out near home last week, so I'm trying to let things settle down. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks, happygirl! I'll check out these leads. I still haven't figured out how to travel without a car full of food from home, so this will be an adventure. I can take a very small amout of dairy with a very large number of lactase pills, so I guess that makes me lactose intolerant, not casein intolerant. But I find it easier to avoid dairy and only take the pills for mistakes.
  11. Help! I'm attending a conference in Washington next week and could use your recommendations for gluten-free, dairy-free dining. The conference is at the Grand Hyatt (10th and H) downtown, so I need to find restaurants near there or near a Metro stop since I won't have a car. Thanks!
  12. chicagojen, our Trader Joe's is in LaGrange. I don't know if the other Chicago-area stores have the same items. Fiddle-Faddle, there are three Trader Joe's on the north side and two in the western suburbs, but I think the one in Glenview would be closest to your folks. Check out the Trader Joe's web site at http://www.traderjoes.com/imap/advantageca...late=map_search.
  13. Our Trader Joe's has fresh gluten-free breads, gluten-free cereals, rice pasta, soy ice cream, and meats without added ingredients.
  14. We've found other Amy's frozen dinners there, plus Enviro-Kids cereal, Dowd & Rogers cake mix, and a few other things in the baking aisle that I can't remember now. It's definitely cheaper than health food stores.
  15. Thanks! My wife and I are always looking for more dining options downtown. Another place we like on the near north side with a gluten-free menu is Ben Pao at Illinois and Dearborn.
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