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  1. You know.. those are all things I have noticed over the years and associate with my Fibro. As to the hitting the wall at the time of day you said .. that is when I finally feel like I have woken up.. it only lasts for a little while but at least I seem to have some energy for an hour or so. I have no clue if I have Celiacs or not.. according to the bloodtests the second doc said I don't but as I told him.. the first doc who ordered them said he still thought I have celiac disease and that is why I am being sent for the biopsy. I would just like an answer is all. It would be ever so nice to know for sure why I have felt like crap for the past 20 or so years... and be able to tell people there actually are tests that show that I am not a faker.
  2. Received a phone call back and I am to eat as I used to until the test. Am seeing the doctor on dec. 04 but am unsure if it is just to speak with me or to actually get the biopsy done.
  3. Thanks Nikki, I checked on that list of symptoms and I do have some of them... (a lot I have always attributed to as being part of my Fibromyalgia) What set the doctor on the path to seeing if I had Celiacs was that he had just read a list of anything and everything I was treated or hospitalized for since I was born. (My Mum has kept track for all of us kids over the years .. and she had just given me a copy of mine) I phoned his office yesterday to try and get a firm answer about the gluten-free eating before the test or not but have not received a reply as of yet. Thanks again
  4. Hi folks.. I may be another newly diagnosed Celiac. Doc wasn't quite positive from the blood tests he had done on me. I am being sent to see another doc about endoscopic test. (biopsy) From my research I was under the impression I should eat as I normally do until after the biopsy.. yet the first doc said I should start on a gluten free diet right away. The receptionist at the docs office I am being sent to thought it was wierd that I was told to start the gluten-free diet also but figured I should listen to the first doc. Needless to say I am totally confused. On another note.. did all of you people run out and buy yourselves new toothbrushes once you heard you were Celiac?? I was wondering because I see so much about needing new pots and pans and toasters etc. Yet no one has mentioned getting a new toothbrush.. or at least I hadn't come across such a post yet. (I am still rifling through the many posts on this board) Another thing I am confused about.... what exactly are the symptoms I am supposed to be having?? And would I notice a difference in whatever they are very soon after starting a gluten-free diet??
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