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  1. Personally, anything with Whey Protein gives me terrible GI problems. If you are looking for a protein powder (assuming that since you mentioned "can"), you could try egg white protein powder or hemp protein powder. I am also intolerant of soy so my options are limited, but both of these are options for me.
  2. I'm here. Just not a lot to say at the moment. I've been pretty compliant with SCD since the beginning of the year and feel a lot better. I just posted on another thread (about cold hands & feet) about how much warmer I feel since ditching the grains. Oh, and I've lost almost 10 pounds without feeling hungry! Lent starts Wednesday and for 40 days I will be 100% compliant! I have issues with completely giving up chocolate, but know I can do it for at least 40 days!
  3. I also have cold hands and feet most all the time. Or actually, I should say USED TO have cold hands & feet. Since the beginning of the year I have gone grain-free and with the higher fat content in my diet, from using nut flours in place of gluten-free grains, I have noticed how much warmer I have felt. This is great since we have had a miserable winter here in the Chicago area. I also now am able to set the thermostat in my office down a couple degrees as well which is helping with the heating bills! I am gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free & yeast-free, BTW.
  4. Sorry to hear of your experience. My experience is usually the opposite "Hey, where did you get that - that looks really good!". It happened again this week at the annual employee appreciation (can you say PIZZA?) party. I made up my own gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free pizza and had the kitchen staff bake it for me (I even provided the pan to avoid CC). I had to use my fork to keep people from trying to swipe my pizza. As a side note, I've been a very picky eater all my life so I've developed a very thick skin about people making comments about what is on my plate.
  5. Are you thinking of Dogtor J? The G.A.R.D. Made Simple
  6. If you need further incentive to get back on the wagon, spend some time volunteering in an assisted living community for seniors 70+. I work with a population that has an average age of 81. We have the lady whose rectal bleeding was IGNORED by her doctor for 10+ years. She now has rectal cancer and is slowing having the life taken out of her. BTW, her granddaughter has a wheat allergy. Can you say GENETICS?? I'm furious that she was ignored by the medical community. I see numerous cases of rheumatoid arthritis - joint replacement does NOT restore you to perfectly normal. I work with a woman in her 70's that has ataxia - she finally was diagnosed a year ago. But the damage is done. Lots of osteoporosis. A woman with such severe kyphosis (abnormal curvature of the spine causes by collapse of vertebrae) that it is putting pressure on her internal organs. These are wonderful people whose vitality has been stolen from them by gluten. They are DAILY incentive for me to be strict with my diet. I do not want to spend my "golden" years crippled by something that could have been prevented by watching what I put in my mouth.
  7. On my last trip via car (4 hours), I did the cooler thing. My hotel had a small fridge and a microwave. I also brought along my toaster and my mini-electric skillet plus a few utensils. It worked out perfectly. Traveling by air is different as I don't like to check bags if I can avoid it. I did pack a couple of gluten-free baked goods in my luggage with one of those ice packs. Worked fine. I had a rental car for this particular trip so had figured out where the Trader Joe's and grocery stores were located and just stocked up with items when I arrived. This hotel was actually an extended stay so I had a couple of electric burners and the basic kitchen stuff. Was a very successful trip. With a little pre-planning, gluten-free travel IS possible!
  8. It is too bad that the labeling laws restrict just to wheat, rather than any source of gluten. I got nailed the other night by the "barley malt" hiding in the natural flavoring in the Prego sauce I used. The irony is that I really don't eat much in the way of processed food, I only used this sauce because my husband thought it was safe for me. (at Campbell's, NOT DH!)
  9. Canker sores are my latest sign that I've gotten glutened, too. I have a one on the roof of my mouth because I ate some Twizzlers licorice that the secretary had in her candy dish on Friday. I also noticed a major change in my temperament that same evening. I flew into a rage over something that I shouldn't have. I used to have a really short-temper before I discovered I was gluten intolerant. I've been pleased that I'm so much more even-keeled since giving it up. Other than the canker sore, I was pretty much back to normal in 24 hours. The canker sores always take 7 days to heal.
  10. Besides gluten, I also have issues with caisen (dairy), soy, yeast, almonds and coconut (even the oil). Are you taking any medications or supplements? I found out the hard way that the first brand of fish oil capsules I bought contained soy If it is any consolation, it took me about 18 months to figure out all my intolerances. Patience, and a food diary, is the key.
  11. I've been taking it since December and am not having any problems. Previously I was on Ortho Novum 7/7/7. Best part of taking this particular pill is that I haven't had a period since starting it It is saving me money if you know what I mean! My internist told me 13% of all women who go on this pill stop having periods. She says the younger women tend to get upset by that "side effect", but as I'm 47, I'm happy to not have the monthly hassle.
  12. Oh, Trader Joe's, my favorite! I'm there at least twice a week: - Precut/washed salad - Frozen tri-color pepper strips - "Just a handful" cashews (little 1.5 oz packages - perfect for portion control) - Salted, roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds) - I use in place of croutons on my salads - Frozen, pre-cooked organic brown rice - Shelf-stable pre-cooked organic brown rice - Shelf-stable pre-cooked wild rice - Organic raspberries - Nitrate-free ham & turkey - Organic chicken breasts & tenders - Egg whites in the carton (they have the best price by far!)] - Eggs - Valrhora 85% dark chocolate bars - 70% dark chocolate batons (portion control!) - Wild caught salmon (frozen) - Tri-color veggie tortilla chips with flax seeds I'll stop now! I love them so much that I always look for them when I travel. I'm in California for the weekend and have been to 2 different stores so far!
  13. I got a book called "Vice Cream" from A M A Z O N. It has also sorts of variations for non-dairy ice creams. The chocolate was awesome! And it only used a few ingredients: Raw cashews, maple syrup (I used agave), water, non-alcohol based vanilla extract, cocoa powder. The consistency was closer to soft-serve versus hand packed. Delicious! Now that summer is coming, it is time to make another batch!
  14. I LOVE egg tacos! I use the blue corn taco shells from Whole Foods. Have them almost every morning. Am grumpy when I don't get my fix. Like you, I don't care for the soft corn tortillas. I did try the Food for Life Brown Rice ones once - they were pretty good - but the store that sold them closed - haven't found a new source yet.
  15. Hi, I tried out that website last summer when I was first experimenting with elimination diets. My advice - it wasn't really worth it. I found better information in the book: Food Allergies and Food Intolerance: The Complete Guide to Their Identification and Treatment by Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin And what ultimately helped me nail down my intolerances was Enterolab testing and York Labs testing (the one in England).
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