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    I am 45 years old married with 6 children<br /><br />1969 Chronic Asthma, food allergies- wheat, dairy<br />1970 Migraine Head Aches<br />1978 Grand Mall Seizures<br />1998 Fibromyalgia<br />2000 Irritable Bowel<br />2004 Hypothyroidism<br />2005 Interstitial Cystitis<br />Unwilling to eat gluten for Celiac test<br />Oct 1st 2006 Gluten free

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  1. Hi loraleena, I have IC and I have to say it has for the most part gone away after I stopped eating gluten. My doctor did ask me about that and if it had been better. I still seem to go a lot more than normal but the pain is for the most part gone now. I don't know if it helps but I use a heating pad on my back not my front with my knees up and it help a little bit. I have resorted to taking pain pills for it at night, it is much worse when I lay down. I have had the treatments and that realy hurts to. The last time I went to the Dr. with a flar up, he had to give me a pain shot before I could move off the table. I haven't had to go back for a long time now. I know, stress can make it much worse. Try to rest as much as possible. Also I noticed it was a little better when I took Pepsid. I don't know if it is gluten free so look at the lable. I hope it goes away soon. Cathy
  2. Hi loraleena, Your number is higher than mine. Are they still that high? What did your doctor say about what was the cause of them to be so high? I will look at Dr. Lowe's web page tonight, thank you for letting me know about it. I want to find as much help as possible. The pain is real hard to take. I don't want to take pain medication because I don't like the way it makes me feel. Thank you for your help Cathy
  3. Hi Rachel, Thank you for all this info it is all so hard to understand. It is even harder when you feel so sick. I know you know the feeling. I can't beleive that people out there realy do care. It helps to get as much input as possible somehow it makes feeling like this better. I know there is an answer and you are one that keeps giving me hope, thank you. I think you are correct when you say there is something else going when your numbers are so high. I have tried so hard to keep myself healthy from the time I was very young. It is so hard to take when my body just doesn't work for me. I'm so glad that you are out there. Thanks again Cathy
  4. Hi Geogie, Thank you for getting back to this so fast. (757) is the last test the same one as before. I have not been asked to repeat the test yet, she requested I do it in 2 to 4 months. At this point I feel let down by my HMO and they did not make it clear about why my Anibodies are so high they said "Your antibodies are positive consistent with the diagnosis of Hashimoto's thyroiditis." I have been on the Levothroid for many months now and that should be taking care of the Antbodies if it is going to. I am waiting for on-line papers from Kaiser to e-mail my doctor directly. They should be here in a few days. I am wondering how I would get some help dealing with Kaiser to get a second opinion and maybe an explaination of why my numbers are so high and what it will take to get them right. I don't realy care for this doctor because she didn't follow up with me on this and just sent me back to the GP. I don't understand why both of them seem to not care enough about this to talk about it in person. I feel something should be done. I am going to call Kaiser right now and ask them to send a note to the doctor asking her why my anibodies are still high even with medication and should I exspect them to go down after lowering my Levothroid or is she just going to let my thyroid die. Now I'm a little steamed. Sorry. Thanks for your help, I realy needed it. Cat
  5. Hi everyone, I received my test results in the mail. TSH, 3rd Generation 0.042 T4 Free 1.8 Tissue Transglutaminase IGG <3 Tissue Transglutaminase IGA <3 My Glucose Fasting test is 101 Border Line The doctor recomends to lower the dose of Levothroid and changing to Armour would not be a good thing because Armour has more T3 in it and would make things worse. I am now taking 0.088mg of Levothroid. Reading the other post on here, it looks like they don't realy look at the TSH when you have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, is that correct? My doctor said I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis now, what is the differance between having hypothyroid and Hashimoto's or are they the same thing? Thanks for your help Cathy
  6. Georgie and Nutralady, Thank you for all this information, I am going to print this up and take it to the doctor with me the next time I go. I did not know about the T1 and T2, I am going to get the test results in the mail any day now and I will most deffanatly take a look into getting info on where I can buy it, if my doctor will not give it to me. If I don't start feeling better soon I'm not going to wait to long before I call her back and go in. My GP only went over the T3 and T4 nothing else. When I get the results back I will be able to see it in black and white. No more over the phone or from the doctor. I have some property in Mexico that I visit 2 time a year, and if I have to, I will get a doctor there. I'm despret to get help, the state of mind I am in now, I am suprised I can even remember my own name. Your help has been very appriciated. Thank you so much. Cat
  7. Hi dionnek, She said it had something to do with the T3 and that if you start taking Armour your 3T will become dependant on it. She also said that most people on Armour are old people who were started on it years ago. It seems that most doctors with HMO plans are not wanting to put people on Armour. When that happens it makes me feel that maybe it is related to contracts and agreements with drug companies. Do you know if Armour is more costly? Do HMO's get cheeper drugs than the smaller practic Co. ? I wonder if it is polatices. Do you think I should rule out the Thyroid being the problem if my test came out high T4 and normal T3? I was realy not feeling well when I went to the doctor. I hope this helps. Cat
  8. Hi Everyone, I went to the GP yesterday, she said my T4 was a little high and my T3 was normal. She said she had no idea why I am having so much pain all over my body. I had brain fog and forgot to ask her about the Anti TPO levels. She gave me a new dose on the thyroid meds and said they don't put people on Armur anymore and gave me a long story of why. I am not giving up on the Armur yet, just at a stand off with doctors. My doctor is going to run a B12 test and a test for Porphyria. She said the Porphyria is a long shot but wants to rule it out. Thanks to all of you for helping me. If anyone comes up with ideas for the Anti TPO leves please let me know. Cat
  9. Hi nutralady, Thanks for your information. I am going to the GP tomorrow morning and this info will help when she shows me the test result. I am hoping that someone made a mistake on reading them to me over the phone. If not I am getting a copy of the results and going to a private practice doctor as a last resort. None of what this new doctor is doing makes good with me. My first question will be why didn't the doctor that took the test explain them to me or tell me what was going on instead of just sending me to the GP. She did seem to be be a good doctor but looks are not going to get me better. I'm getting to the point that I am not feeling I can keep working. I have been with my job or 17 years and never had this much trouble with my health. On the other hand now I know I can not eat gluten. I have been doing OK on the diet but find I have made a lot of mistakes for the last 3 months. Thanks again. Cat
  10. Hi georgie, I went to a new doctor to request Armour for my thyroid and she did some tests and is sending me back to my GP. She said Armour is not a good idea for me because my TSH is on the high side, she said my test result are consistant with Hashimotos and is lowering my thyroid medication. I am realy confused about what is going on. Why is the Anti TPO so high and what is causeing it. Im realy tired and sick. Last night I couldn't sleep because my feet felt like a cat was puring on them, that is the only way I can discribe it. Thank you for your help. Cat
  11. I'm hoping someone can help. I have been feel ill and my doctor did some tests. Can someone tell me about Anti TPO test and what could cause it to be at 757.
  12. Hi Carla, If you feel anything like what I feel, I hope you never have another stressful time again, it just is not worth the pain. I know having a big family and all the things that go with that can be stressful. You do seem to have a great additude about things and are trying to help others. I think that is what keeps me going most of the time, and I'm not to sure what keeps me going the rest of the time. Take care Cathy
  13. Hi Georgie, No, I don't smoke. Thanks for the info on the test I think I will order it asap. Happy new year! Cathy
  14. Hi Carla, Thanks, I called them and they are closed for the holiday, I will call them asap and order the kit. Sorry, I missed the info on your first post, just feeling real bad and not thinking real good. I have one more thing, did having Lyme have something to do with being gluten free for you? Is it part of having Lyme? Happy new year! Cathy
  15. Hi Rachel, Great info on all of this, how do you go about getting tested by Igenix? As I remember one of the people on my street when I was about 13 years old got Lyme from firewood he had in is back yard, I used to feed thier dog and water the lawn for them when he got sick. Thanks Cathy
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