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  1. Thanks again psawyer!!! i am going to order the book tonight! i have also been reading The Gluten Free Bible, and have found it to be very helpful/informative. Through trial and error, I am finding things that my son likes/dislikes...I think it's so much to deal with as a child. Anyway, I am...
  2. Hey there! Thank you for the info...I am new to this, as my son has recently been diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. It has been quite overwhelming! I was looking at the book from Shelley Case...The Gluten Free Diet...A Comprehensive Resource Guide. It looks like a wealth of information....
  3. hey there! i was wondering how you know all caramel color in the US, and Canada are safe?? I have been reading there is a lot of controversy on that...thanks for any and all info!