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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Looking out the back window at the Church of the Good Shepard.
  3. Kaycee, I was working in Auckland, just outside downtown a ways. I did manage to travel the entire country while I was there; from Cape Rienga to Dunedin. Just changed my avatar to Purakaui Falls on the south island, this should make up for the dryness in your avatar. By the way, is Hokey Pokey...
  4. Hello all. Just wanted to say I miss NZ so much. I used to live there not long ago and and wish to return again soon. I was not a celiac when I lived there, but it's good to know that food is easy to find there. My friends used to tease me by calling McDonalds the "American Embassy." Good times...
  5. A lot of my story probably does not directly relate to Celiac, but who knows? Still it is MY story, so here it goes: I was always the kid that never got sick at all. I was a very overweight boy. At age 13 I suddenly lost 30lbs and was diagnosed with type I diabetes. I slimmed up and have been...