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  1. I don't know if it is connected. But my sodium levels were always low before I went gluten free. I have not had any tests since to see if they are normal now.
  2. That's a big IF and one that can be very difficult to determine. If something else is going on in your body, it can become hard to digest just about everything, and it seems likely gluten would be one of the first things someone whose system is breaking down would have trouble with. Some people will...
  3. i would suggest either doing an all out food allergy test or an elimination diet, because it very well may be some other food that is the problem. if it is gluten, it is definitely worth it. but you never know, not everyone who is sensitive to gluten has to avoid every speck. there are many...
  4. Well, not that severe. But last night I wanted to go to the ER. Not because I felt I was dying, but because the pain was so intense it just seems as if something serious has to be wrong. If it hadn't been for the location of the pain and lack of UTI symptoms, I would have thought it was another kidney...