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  1. Hello, As far as health stores, there is a Wild Oats right in downtown Laguna Beach on Broadway. There is also a Whole Foods in Tustin (that is the closest one.) A Mother's Market in Laguna Hills, near the Laguna Hills Mall. I am sure you can find addresses on the internet, if not let me...
  2. Hi there, Skosh Monahans is a restaurant in Costa Mesa that has a gluten free/cassien free menu. I believe the story goes something like; they have an Autistic child that must be gluten free so they have a gluten free menu which includes Pizza. I have not eaten there, it is an Irish Pub type place...
  3. Hi there, I live in South County, Dana Point area. I was dx right after Thanksgiving and have been gluten-free since. It would be nice to exchange local restaurant, shopping, and cooking experiences for this area. Anyone tried Skosh Monahans yet?