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  1. Gluten should be the least of concerns when dealing with an atrocious product like Centrum Junior or Centrum for Kids. Go to www.centrumistoxic.com to find out the disgusting truth about the kind of poisons Wyeth is willing to feed our kids.
  2. The terrible thing about Centrum may not be so much their infinitesmal gluten content, but the atrocious chemicals they managed to dump in them. For example, Nickelous Sulfate is listed as a "nutrient," when the EPA won't allow it in our public drinking water above 100 parts PER BILLION> This is just the tip of the iceberg. Go to www.centrumistoxic.com to get the scary details. Try a good whole food supplement like Mega Foods, which is explicitly Gluten Free, and delivers nutrients in food form. The benefits aren't theoretical, but you actually feel them. Good luck.
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