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  1. I've been feeling this way all week, but I thought I was just coming down with a weird illness. I also have been nauseous... I was so dizzy this morning on my way to work that I could barely walk straight! Now I'm thinking that I might have gotten glutened. I ate out last Thursday and Friday... so that could have been the culprit. Interesting...
  2. Hi! I'm new around here and just wanted to introduce myself. Here's my story: I was diagnosed with IBS four years ago. I had the blood tests done for celiac two years ago, and they were negative. I then figured that gluten must not be the issue, so I kept eating it. My symptoms kept getting worse and worse. I finally reached the end of my rope when I ended up in urgent care about two months ago with excrutiating abdominal pain. After that I started an elimination diet with the help of a nutritionist/herbalist. After cutting out gluten, dairy, sugar and bananas, I feel miraculously better! I've been eating dairy and sugar sparingly and still feel fine. So, looks like I am gluten intolerant/sensitive. It is incredible to feel almost normal after feeling horrible every day for so long! I guess that's all; just wanted to say hi.
  3. We didn't end up going out to dinner last night, but I'll definitely be trying out this place soon. I will ask about the sauces when I do go, and will post about it here.
  4. I found an italian restaurant in Aptos that serves gluten free pasta and has two gluten free desserts!! I haven't eaten there yet (might be going tonight), but I thought I would mention it. Their website is www.al-boccalino.com. I spoke with the chef and he said it is helpful if those needing to eat gluten free could call ahead. I just discovered that I'm gluten intolerant. I haven't eaten out in about two months, and I am so excited that I'll be able to.
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