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  1. I opted not to do the biopsy and we don't even have the family history of it. I think it is a bit too invasive for kiddos and from what I hear from the ladies on this board, it can only rule it in, not out. Apparantly, false negatives aren't uncommon, so I don't see the point. I would just try the diet, like the pp said.
  2. Hi, Well, we had pretty much decided DS had celiac after blood results showed his antibodies elevated. We didn't want to do the biopsy, so we just started the diet. It has been working really well! Today, our full allergy panel came back and DS tested positive for a wheat and egg allergy. Now, I know a wheat allergy is a bit different from celiac, but do all celiacs test positive for it because of the gluten? Is it possible it is just a wheat allergy and not celiac? I'm confused! I shouldn't get too overwhelmed considering how many allergies some of your kiddos have. I mean, we have it pretty good and shouldn't take things for granted, but it just seems like he can't eat anything now! We finally found some gluten-free crackers that he loves and there are eggs in it.
  3. DH and I were leaning toward home school for our kids and DS' recent diagnosis of celiac has only confirmed that decision. I don't envy those of you who will/do have to deal with people who are ignorant on the subject. Sorry to hear about your little one!
  4. Thanks a lot, everyone. Yes, it is such a relief that we seemed to have solved this medical mystery that is my tiny son. Oh, and Mom to Claire, is it possible her weight just can't keep up with the fast growth right now and that she will plump up once this little growth spurt is over? I'm not sure how all that works exactly and I'm sure we all grow differently, but I would call just the improvement in her height great news! I'm sure she's on her way back onto the growth charts. I would love to see that for my boy, too.
  5. Wow, my son has been a failure to thrive baby for months now, but started growing almost immediately when we started the diet. He has grown 1.25 inches and gained half a pound in two weeks! Can you believe it? My doc wouldn't have if we hadn't made her measure him today. We are so happy- thank you all for the wonderful advice. I'm so glad I finally found a thorough ped. that actually checked for Celiac- I had never even heard of the disease before this month! Oh, and she said she totally understood why we don't want to do the biopsy. She's great!
  6. I completely agree and have seen the same quick results. Better diapers, weight gain, and he is already outgrowing his pants! Why question what is clearly working? It's not like we're getting tunnel vision here, either. If the allergy panel discovers other things, then we will address that as well. It's just so good that he is growing finally, do we really need the "official" diagnosis?
  7. We didn't flippantly decide to start a gluten-free diet. It was with much consideration that we decided against the biopsy and, from the ladies on this board, I see we aren't the only ones. Don't forget, there is a big difference between a 5-year old and a tiny 1-year old with failure to thrive. We feel it is simply too invasive and risky. A full allergy panel is being run on him, as well, just to make sure we aren't missing any other problems.
  8. Your description of your son's stools and growth history is identical to my son's! He is now 16 months and has fallen off the charts. Ever since he started solids and stopped breastfeeding, his stools have been super soft and like 4 times a day. It goes all over the place, too. In fact, we were starting to just toss him in the bath to wash him off instead of using a million wipes. Like your son, mine doesn't have a large tummy, but that doesn't mean it isn't celiac. If he doesn't have sweaty, salty skin and respiratory issues, I wouldn't lean toward CF necessarily. I pray it is celiac! Ask your doc for a sweat test to be sure. Oh, btw, we started my son on a gluten-free diet last week and his stools are solid again. You may want to do testing before you start, but the diet should tell you something. We had positive bloodwork, but didn't want to give him a biopsy, so we just started the diet. So far so good. Good luck!!
  9. I really don't see the harm in trying it for a month or so and seeing if there is any difference. We've been on it for less than a week and my FTT baby has apparantly already put on weight! It just depends on how invasive you feel the tests are for that age. We're total softies and the bloodwork was all we could allow them to do to our son, lol. Granted, I'm all new to this, but what harm could a trial be?
  10. From what I hear from everyone, the only really accurate test is an actual dietary trial! I asked the GI doc if we could just do that and he started waving his hand, shaking his head, like it was a terrible idea.
  11. Hi, I posted last week about my 16-month old who has failure to thrive and came back with a positive celiac panel. The GI doctor, of course, wanted to do the biopsy and we said we weren't interested. He was nice enough, I guess, but when I told him we already put him on the diet and saw results, he kind of shook his head and rolled his eyes. He said we are jumping way ahead and won't ever know if he had celiac without a biopsy. (!) He did go ahead and send us in for a complete panel to see if Jason has a celiac gene, which is good. Also, he is doing more blood work for other allergies, which I like as well. He said that if Jason doesn't have one of the two genes, then he can't possibly have celiac. Is that true? And if it is, why would he even attempt a biopsy before that if the entire condition can be negated with a little more bloodwork? I suspect he just wants to make a quick buck on a 15-minute procedure, but I'm a bit skeptical of doctors these days. Oh! And they measured Jason- he is a whole inch taller than he was three weeks ago! DH swore he grew over the weekend since starting the diet and I didn't believe him- is it humanly possible to see that kind of a result that quickly? In other news, they ran blood work on me and none of my antibodies were elevated. I was disappointed in a way because I want to know for sure what's wrong with my son! Maybe DH has it? Or is it possible to have the gene and not the disease, only to pass it on to children? Sorry, this is all new to me! Thanks, Amy
  12. I'm so glad I found this site and decided to go ahead and start Jason's diet. We started Friday night and today he had the first solid bowel movement ever! I know it's not our imagination that he is improving now. DH even thinks he's grown already, lol, but that may be a little imagined. Oh, and I went for a prenatal appoinment today and my nurse practicioner told us she has celiac disease- what a coincidence! I told her I've always had a sensitive tummy and she sent me for a celiac panel right away. We may get results by our first visit to the pediatric GI and if it's positive, it may get him off our back even more about the biopsy. We are so excited that our baby is feeling better (although we never knew he was sick) and may start growing to full potential again.
  13. Well, I wouldn't say he was completely gluten-free just yet. We started the diet two days ago and are still learning, so I am sure we've made mistakes. I picked up a book today: The Glute-free Bible. It looked like a good place to start for me. Even if they do testing on Wednesday, I don't know how much our new diet will affect it since we are learning as we go. Like you, I have a baby who wants people food, so my husband and I decided that we will all just cut out the gluten, at least when we are eating as a family. That way, we won't be making two meals at once. I'd be curious to know if one of us has it since it is usually genetic. We will talk to the doc about that too. Thanks for the help!
  14. Oh, we are totally on board with attachment parenting. We have worn our son, co-slept, breastfed until he self-weaned, etc. He was thriving so well until about 10 months, which was about the time he really started eating solids. We never connected the two until now! And you are positively right, I shouldn't expect the little guy to be an independent sleeper just yet. I was just wondering if the constant waking might be related to celiac since many of you have seen an improvement in your children's sleep patterns. And thanks to you ladies for being supportive about the biopsy issue. I absolutely don't want him to have it, but I guess I'm worried about what the doc will say. I was just looking for more validation, lol. It has been so nice to find this board and meet so many people who have gone through the same thing! Thanks!
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