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  1. Adoption

    We have a similar tax credit here in Canada for adoption fees, something like 10,600. All of our private adoption is open. There is another route as well that is through the public system where children are declared wards of the court usually due to neglect or abuse. Here in Ontario there are no fees for public adoption. International adoption is getting harder and harder as well as more and more expensive. And there are unknown factors with other countries' governtments, ie, things can change at any point...it is a little dis-heartening when you think about all of the children living as orphans in other countries...
  2. Adoption

    I didn't quite know where to post this question. Just wondering how many people have adopted here, possibly due to gluten induced infertility? I have given up on getting pregnant and have to use the birth control pill to control cysts and endo, but I still want to be a mom and feel that joy of anticipation waiting for a child. Any happy stories out there?
  3. I notice most recipes call for xanthan gum, but some for guar gum. Anyone know the difference or if they are interchangable?
  4. lizard00 That's how I eat quinoa too! I use home canned tomatoes and also toss in a little corn with the beans. I think it is a great combination for nutrition as my nutrition book says 1 cup of cooked quinoa has equal calcium to a quart of milk! With the tomatoes and beans I think it is quite healthy. Otherwise I use it like rice--as a side dish and it often gets mixed in with some of the sauce of the main course. Am thinking of chicken quinoa soup next.
  5. Hi I believe the site is endo-resolved.com...there is a diet section there and it says to avoid wheat and dairy. I was a cheese lover also, but now find much less pain when I eliminate or reduce it (I don't have a sensitivity, but the milk fat converts to inflammatory prostaglandins in your body and they cause the pain). I had high hopes that going gluten free would resolve the cycle problems of increasing pain, heavy flow and infertility, but alas no, I need to be on the pill to control the symptoms. But at least that works--minimal pain and tolerable flow. I tried to go off of the pill with continued strict avoidance of cheese and gluten, but within two cycles, the heavy periods had returned.
  6. I did suceed with a healthy and yummy quinoa invention... cooked quinoa, canned tomatoes, red kidney beans, corn niblets and a dab of butter. Makes a "soup".
  7. Just venting. I tried to make bread one time in the oven. A brick of glue resulted. So I thought I'd be smart and use a bread machine with premixed bread mix. Another brick of glue. Oh, but I had another bread mix...make it 3 bricks of glue, expensive glue.
  8. It is interesting to see how common these dreams are. It wasn't until I read this thread that I realized the dreams (of accidentally eating a food containing gluten, realizing it in horror and trying to spit it out) have subsided. I'd say it took a year. But thinking back, I used to get a lot of exam dreams after univerisity. I guess it just shows you how very aware and concerned about it we are in our daily lives. It must be because we realize how important it is to our well-being.
  9. I didn't understand if you were completely avoiding gluten as your message says many kinds of...gluten and then any kind of oil. I'm 37 and wish I knew what I know now when I was your age. Including that its ok to question your doctor. I would encourage you to do a lot of reading on the different hormones that are involved in the menstrual cycle. A great and easy to understand resource is the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility". Maybe you need to see an endocrinologist and a gynecologist and a GI specialist. Has anyone checked your hormone levels? I am amazed looking back at the things that I have been told with no clinical basis, ie you have PCOS (without an ultrasound) and therefore you should take clomid, when really the problem was advanced endometriosis (which is linked to gluten). There are many people on this board that have had both issues of hormones related issues and gluten issues. I guess my point is, educate yourself as much as possible so that you know how much faith to have in the medical advice that your doctor is giving you.
  10. For years I just knew that popcorn gave me gut pain. My theory now is that the hard and sharp seed cases hurt the gut because it was chronically inflammed. I now eat popcorn with no problem at all. I make my own on the stove with a metal basket that you shake over the element. No oil at all! (although I do add melted margarine and salt after) And now that I have happy guts, I can eat it anytime.
  11. Hi I was just reading hathor's note on casein and menstrual cycles. very interesting. I am wondering if it is not the milk fat content of the cheese that affects the cycles because cheese and dairy fat converts into bad protaglandins in your body, that is to say, mediators of pain and inflammation, hence more cramps. I am trying a trial of no cheese and very little dairy for that reason. I think I was a cheese a holic, but you don't actually miss it too much, although I am starting to think I am running out of things to eat, but I'm just running out of my old standbys I guess. If you want to read the source of this info it is at endoresolved.org I think.
  12. I think there is a link. On endo sites, under dietary topics, it is suggested that wheat is avoided for those with endometriosis. My theory is that the chemical mediators of inflammation released by the body in the gut from the gluten reaction causes further inflammation of the endo. I think it could also work in reverse as well.
  13. I have looked into the relationship and one of the things that they suggest you avoid eating with endo is wheat. (I think it should be gluten). They are now looking at endo as an autoimmune condition and once you have one... Here's my theory at this point. If you have "mediators of inflammation" in your abdomen from celiac (=chemicals relased in inflammatory processes such as gluten ingestion) it is only going to make other inflammatory conditions, such as endo, worse. Looking back, the two started about the same time, around 15 years old or me. Who knows.
  14. Egg Quality

    Has anyone got any thoughts on egg quality? I have severe endometriosis and have been off gluten for a year. Had laproscopy in March, had some of it "cleaned up" by the surgeon at the time. He didn't try to take the endometrioma off of the ovary. Had a follow up ultrasound of the ovary at this point and the word from my family doc is that there is only the question of a very small endometrioma on the ovary at this point. I have been on the pill to regulate things for 6 months. I have been concerned that my egg quality would be poor from the years of a toxic environment due to the inflammatory chemicals released by the reaction to the gluten. I feel good now, but still think there is some endometriosis kicking around in there. Would it be worth trying again? I'm just about 37 and time is ticking. I had given up, but was encouraged by the ultrasound. Go to see OB/GYN next week. Any questions I should ask?
  15. I'm 36 and found out this year I have severe endometriosis and this is linked to gluten problems. Looking back I think the two have existed together for many many years. Anyway I feel much better without gluten. I can't help but think that gluten has had a big effect on me with respect to infertility. It is a tough decision to make about IVF and a very personal one for each of us. We ended up not trying it and I feel good about this, but instead will pursue either fostering or adopting soon.
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