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  1. i'm really new at this, but my daughter just emailed me that Budweiser is coming out with a beer that is gluten free call Redbridge it is a beer brewed with sorghum, thus there is no wheat or = barley used. I'm 50 and just found out, I can't imagine if I was your age when I found out. Rant and rave all you want, I for one feel the same at times!
  2. Food

    THANK YOU all for the great information. I feel better everytime I become more educated to this new world we live in! Again thank you.
  3. I'm learning so much from this website, but as soon as I learn something I think of more questions. I was wondering can we have coke, canned kidney beans, oatmeal? What make up and toothpaste is gluten free?
  4. I'm still trying to figure out what I can and can't eat. Can we have diet coke, how about oatmeal, rice krispies, canned kidney beans? Does anyone know what toothpaste and make up is gluten free?
  5. Does anyone know if there is a support group in Bucks County PA?
  6. This all so new to me, but do you need to keep a gluten free house. I teach cooking in a public school and am always around flour. I just finished a cookie unit and was not tempted, I never want to have the pain I lived with before. Does just touching effect you? If it splatters in the air will it cause me to become sick? I'm beginning to feel that I live and work in a war zone!
  7. As I said before, I'm very new at this and I apologize if this is redundent. What make brands have you found to be gluten free. I never knew that there was gluten in makeup!
  8. Thank you for putting into words what I have been living for the last 5 years. I was told it could be Lymes disease, arthritis, or just aging. I kept telling doctors that my bones ached and that I was having difficulty concentrating, no interest in anything. I think that they thought that I was crazy. Your post was very reassuring. Now i know that I'm not crazy!
  9. Thank you all so much for your words of wisdom. I'll keep visiting and I'm sure learning! I teach cooking and so I'm always willing to try new things!
  10. Help. I was just diagnosed last week and felt that I could handle this until I read so much on the internet. Is milk really off limits? vanilla? ice cream? I'm trying to take steps. I have been sick for about 5 years, so this diagnosis comes as a mixed bag - relief and schock all at once.
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