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  1. I am not diagnosed w/celiacs. On 3/5/05 I awoke ill. Long story short, i got more ill w/progressive symptoms for 3 mos. I saw 6 drs. (4 of which told me I was depressed) until I was diagnosed w/MS. My sister got sick 9 days after me and was diagnosed w/Lupus. In reasearching/gathering info over the last year & 1/2, about autoimmune, MS, lupus, etc. I've learned much about food allergy/sensitivities, etc. (THANK GOD!) When I was ill in 2005 I knew there were adrenal issues, but was told everything tested normal except the adrenal assays my ND did, they said I had very fatigued glands indicitive of long term illness w/current high stressors. The 1st thing my ND said when I told her I had been diagnosed w/MS was, "wheat elimination!" I did that for several weeks, but my neuro & husband had fits cause I had already lost SO mush weight. So I just "avoided" wheat. I've had 2 MS flares over the last year each time same symptoms. A month I ago I was doing the best I had for 1 3/4 year. I got a cold/bronchitis & was 9 days into that & holding my own when I went to visit family for the holidays. 3rd day there I awoke very short of breath. I went to ER and was told I have asthma. When I returned home I went to my Dr. still needing treatment. Was told that you can develope asthma out of the blue. I'm 46 y.o, never had asthma, know a lot about food allergy, so this did'nt make sense to me. I started thinking & realized that I'd eaten a lot of pasta & bread while visiting relatives. I eliminated (I THOUGHT!) wheat and got better, added wheat got worse, better, worse, okay wheat! I'll stay away from wheat. By now I'm losing weight, having tingle toes & ataxia (MS) again and realize uh oh! I got on the computer and started researching wheat allergy/intolerance. (I had looked into it previously, but I'm one of the ones who hasn't had gut issues.) As I looked further, what happens when you don't have gut issues, it ALL made sense. All of the symptoms I had that didn't fit w/MS, everything. Last Fri. (after trying to get my Dr. & seeing my neuro- who is now fired!) I was in adrenal crisis. I went to emergency and told them I wouldn't survive if they sent me away w/o steroids. My Dr. now gets that I probably don't have MS. This is not MS & it's all the same thing that led me to seek help resulting in MS diagnosis. I was diagnosed by MRI. MS doesn't cause adrenal insufficiency, and hasn't explained many of the symptoms I've had. Interestingly all the ways MS has presented would be what long term undiagnosed/untreated celiacs would present. I'm still a very sick puppy from the adrenal crash. I am so sure wheat has been poisoning me that I'm not willing to eat it to do tests. I'm not willing to even biopsy yet if it means drastic cleanout, cause I have to heal from the adrenal crash 1st! I am on a very limited diet; meat, brown rice, fruit/veg, goat milk, olive oil. I'll be working w/ND to slowly, carefully reintroduce foods. I'm willing to look at/test for whatever they think, but until they can show me something that makes more sense, I know I'm wheat intolerant & it has made me very sick!
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