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  1. Hi I have had this numbness in my throat for a few weeks too, and also like you I don't know if I have am celiac - What I do know was it was diagnosed as Thrush - I take an inhaler for asthma which would contribute to this, however, I have been taken this type of medication for 15 years and it is only in recent weeks I have noticed the problem. It is quite a scary feeling so I can appreciate your alarm. I know Thrush is a yeast infection, don't know however if this is related to Celiac. I shone a torch in my mouth a couple of weeks ago when the feeling of numbness was at its worst, and I have a lot of thickening, or hairy tongue right down the back of my throat, I got a tablet from my Doctor for it. Don't know if you have the same, but it is worth getting your doctor to have a look to see if you may need something. Also like the previous writer said acid reflux can cause soreness in that area as well. Regards J.
  2. Hi all I am new to this forum and new to a realisation I may be suffering some form of Celiac Symptoms - My history is complicated though, I have always suffered from heartburn and live on antacids, I have diahrea most mornings, and get stomach bloating and cramps - I have been told I had IBS in the past - I am Asthmatic and 4 years ago was diagnosed with Pulmonary Sarcoidosis also an autoimmune disorder. ( which has thankfully cleared up) About 8 years ago I was told I had perncious Anemia and take regular shots of Vit B12 - In the last few years I have noticed the stomach symptoms increasing and my hair is getting thinner and thinner - I am not underweight though quite the opposite after years of steriod medication. I did have a colonoscope about 8 years ago they were looking for Helicobacter - but they couldn't finish the procedure because I kicked and punched every nurse and Doctor away from me, eventhough I was sedated I think it was because being an Asthmatic I couldn't bear the choking feeling - I have had tests for overactive Tyroid recently all came back clear - I fear another scope into my tummy, eventhough because of my lung problems I have had two bronchoscopes without any problems. The only other question I have is could you really reach 38 years of age without knowing your were celiac? It is good to know you are here and I will keep you posted.
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