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  1. NoGluGirl wrote: "How will I get the money? Robbing a bank seems to be the only answer, but knowing my luck, I will get caught. The one wrong thing I do in my life, I would get caught." Now you know if you were to try to rob a bank you would have to stop in the middle of the act to use the bathroom so plan ahead and map out businesses where you can make pit stops. Now THAT would be a "COPS" show I wouldn't miss!!
  2. First let me say thank you to everyone for sharing. It does help to be able to express my feelings and frustrations. Unfortunately, dispite knowing others suffer too, I still have to say that this is no way to live. Being hungry or sick all the time. Left behind as family and friends live their lives. Asking everyone in the household to change (i.e. putting a "stop" to others in the household eating bread - sorry, I don't have the right to demand they change because of me). Fearing eating and then suffering the consequences when you do. I'm miserable and, like it or not, I make those around me miserable too. Suggestions of foods and gadgets are nice but when I say I can't afford them I really mean it. I'm unemployed because of this disease. I can't commit to a job that requires me to work in a setting outside my home, not to mention the problems driving from home to another location. I've made emergency bathroom stops at some pretty disgusting places just minutes after leaving the house all because of the cramping and diarrhea. Vitamins, supplements, wholistic medicine, tests, procedures, etc.? Forget it. Being unemployed and uninsured, I also can't afford doctors, medicines, medical tests or any other such thing. I have four broken teeth, most likely because the years of suffering undiagnosed celiac disease interferred my ability to absorb nutrients, -- but, of course I am not able to afford dental care. My glasses are scratched so bad I only wear them to drive so I see the world with unfocused eyes all the time. I'm not stupid! I am 54, have master's degree and have worked as a nurse for over 22 years. But thanks to this disease, I am a leech living off my family. I'm not sure how I will survive when the unemployment benefits end in two months. I filed for Social Security Disability but they turned me down saying they acknowledge I "think I'm disabled". In my appeal, I've asked them to remember their worst days sickened by an intestinal virus and recognize that is MY EVERYDAY. You know those days when you hold your gut groaning and wishing you could die to get relief from the misery. The difference is that the sufferer of a virus knows they will eventually feel better while I know that my tomorrow will bring no relief. I read all the product labels to avoid eating hidden gluten. All those words that I can't pronounce and don't understand mean nothing to me. I truly get tired of this routine. I get frustrated when I crave a bowl of tomato soup and know I can't just open a can of Campbell's soup because it contains gluten. I can't even grab a McDonald's milkshake. Why on earth would that contain gluten??? I've wasted enough money trying "gluten-free products". Tasteless cookies, "crackers" so hard that I fear breaking another tooth, bread that tastes and feels like cardboard, etc., etc. I went to doctors, suffered the indescribable pain caused by the "cleansing prep" and humiliation of allowing someone to stick a pipe up my tush and down my throat. What did I get? A two second announcement "You have Celiac Disease" and prescription to consult with a dietician. I saw the dietician and the only thing I learned was there is no hope. Any food I consider tasty is out of the question and the choices I'm left with is stuff I've hated all my life. The list of gluten-free foods is short and unappetizing. Hence, I search the frig, freezer and cupboard day in and day out looking for something - ANYTHING -- that will satisfy me. Eventually, I give up and choke down something nasty and unsatisfying like cooked carrots just to make the hunger go away. No, in my previous life, I didn't eat healthy but the food I ate was satisfying. The day I was diagnosed was the day I received a life sentence to a prison of pain, unmet needs and misery. The only thing my doctor gave me was a name to my tormentor. I can't live this way. I'm tired of living this way. I don't want to live this way.
  3. ** Sorry, hit add post by mistake. Full post below.
  4. Going out to a restaurant used to be a treat. Now its something I avoid at all cost. Can't stop to grab a bite to eat while out, can't pick up something to bring home in lieu of cooking, can't go out to eat with a friend, and forget making plans for a vacation -- I'd starve to death before I could get home! Sure the food from Carrabbas and Outback are very good but I can't afford them. Still other chains aren't willing to accomodate. I wrote to Applebees and their response basically said tuff luck. We aren't willing to change. I miss going to Country Crock, Denny's and all the other resonably priced places. Eating out was an enjoyment because I didn't have to cook and -- more importantly -- I didn't have to do the clean-up or dishes. Now its an embarrassment. I'm supposed to ask for foods to be specially prepared in/on "dedicated" equipment, requesting special food preparation like no basting sauce and customizing everything down to the salad!?! I used to hate eating out with picky people who wouldn't just order off the menu. Now I've become one of the people I hate. Plain hamburg, naked chicken, no sauce or gravy, no bread/croutons -- oh please! That's not enjoying a meal, that's downright depressing!!!!
  5. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease over a year ago and I can honestly say I'm at the end of my rope. The gluten free foods I've tried TASTE AWFUL -- dry, flavorless and just plain nasty. I've tried foods from health food stores and gluten free internet sites. I can't afford this diet. I miss eating "normal" food. I've become terribly depressed and am totally miserable. I'm afraid to eat because I become sick, the lack of eating makes me sick, so I finally eat ---- and I get sick. I've lost 3 jobs because I missed so much work due to illness and Social Security's answer was "we know you 'think' you're disabled but....". I've read the list of permitted foods over and over looking in vain for something I might like but there's nothing. I hate rice and all the other "permitted" foods. I miss FLAVOR. My diet consists of peaches and cottage cheese. That's all I seem to be able to tolerate. I personally know every bathroom in every store in this area thanks to the stomach cramps and need to RUN as soon as the pains hit. I'm tired of leaving bathrooms in tears. My family has tried to accomodate my stupid condition but all that does is make family meals bland and unappetizing. I stopped going out to eat and decline all invitations because I'm tired of telling people I can't eat the food they offer. I'm sick of feeling starved and sick of being sick!!!!
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