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  1. Hi and welcome. I haven't found that I am more/less tired from taking dapsone and I was very concerned before I started it. Being a red head I fight my levels anyway but so far, so good. It's a personal decision for everyone - that's just what I've noticed. As with everything in life, everyone is different.
  2. I went to the dermatologist again this week. He upped the Dapsone to 50 mg which I am tolerating with no problem and there are no new spots... I am seeing the ones I have slowly heal. Things are looking up. Good luck with your diagnosis. Let us know how it turns out.
  3. I did decide to give the Dapsone a try. I have to do weekly blood tests for the first month. My hemaglobin is on the low side of normal so I'll have to watch that it doesn't drop any more than it has... I started on Friday so it's been 5 days. So far I have very few new blisters (any new ones are on my head). I am less itchy and my scabs are starting to heal. I think I'm improving a lot faster than I was just by eating gluten free. Don't get me wrong, the gluten free is keeping my insides feeling much better and I have no plans of changing my diet. The dapsone is just helping to clear up my outsides I am tired but I'm not sure if that is because of the Dapsone or just being low on iron. Bottom line is my skin is looking better so I am happy. Hopefully it heals up soon and the itchy goes away completely! Thanks for asking.
  4. I'm the red head in my family... that's so funny... I've always been the one with iron deficiencies, bad skin and stomach problems... ha ha ha... no one else in my family shoes any signs of celiac! My dad was too (he passed several years ago) but he was always skinny as a rail - makes me wonder....
  5. Happy Birthday and congrats. I'm a January girl myselft
  6. Hi there, welcome to the board. I've been here about a month and I find this site a god send. Glad to have you here!
  7. I have DH and I changed to sea salt (natural, unbleached type) that I got at the wholistic grocery store (also available at health food store and lots of other places). It's not perfectly white but tastes fantastic. I actually take my own salt if I know I am going to want to salt my meat etc.... On the corn chips, as I understand it (and I am new at this so I could be totally out to lunch) - that salt is ok. I think it has to say iodized salt. It's the iodine that is the problem not the salt itself. I also bought unsalted butter, peanut butter etc just to limit the amount of salt I am taking in. My DH is also really bad, not getting better as quickly as I would like. There have been other threads out there dealing with iodine under the DH section that I have read. Iodine can be in other foods as well as salt. The other trigger for my DH is stress, which is hard to avoid if you have a career, teenagers, etc... It is frustrating. I'm there too...I hope you feel better soon!
  8. Ok, thanks for the feedback. I guess tomorrow, I'll get the prescription and take it from there.
  9. Snow Day!

    OK Shirley, I'm going to hit linds with the snowball because they don't have snow there....LOL
  10. I'll apologize up front if this has been posted before. I couldn't find anything that helped me on the DH part of the board. I go back to the Dermatologist on Wednesday and my DH is not any better. In fact, even though I've been researching like crazy, freakeshly cleaning my kitchen, using a different toaster and not eating anything unless I'm 110% sure, I'm worse!!!! I even checked my toilet paper, went to gluten free shampoo, conditioner and soaps, etc. I "feel" bettter on the inside but I "feel" worse on the outside. I might be a little less itchy and I seem to be sleeping a little better because I'm not up in the middle of the night as often to scratch (or for other reasons) but I'm hugely broken out all over and the blisters just keep on coming. What do you think about Dapsone? I've read good and bad about it. Can you help me with your personal experiences, thoughts, etc? Does it / did it work for you? My husband thinks it's worth a try. I'm still trying to decide. Your help would be appreciated.
  11. I can so picture the OBIT... way too funny... what a warped sense of humour I have (and I guess you all do too)... I love it
  12. When I heard the song I knew it but he was first popular in 1964 - that's 40 years ago. I was still a twinkle in my daddy's eye then.... And please not one get upset - I'm not trying to offend anyone by how long ago it was. I think it's great that we can share this stuff.
  13. I have the biospy on the outside (skin) for DH confirmed and blood tests so I don't think in April I will go back to be gluteneous (is that a word?) in order for the biospy on the inside to come out they way a doctor wants. The thought of feeling that sick scares me. Jerry, you have strength to go for the diagnosis. I hope you are feeling better soon!
  14. Ok, just as I posted, I got a reply from the LCBO (for those of us in Ontario) Dear Mrs. Dawber, Thank you for contacting the LCBO Infoline and we apologize for the delay in responding to your query. We carry one gluten-free beer at the LCBO called La Messangere (+682880). To find a store in your area with this product on hand, please click on the following link. http://www.lcbo.com/lcbo-ear/ProductResult...M_NUMBER=682880 You will need to click on the product name to prompt the store search screen. Currently, there are no plans to introduce the Anheuser-Busch gluten free product. To investigate the cost of a special order of the product, please contact our Private Ordering department by phone at (416) 864-2554 in Toronto, 1-800-668-5144 elsewhere in the province, or by email at lindsey.pizzolato@lcbo.com. You can learn more about the special order process and fill out a request online at our web site at http://www.lcbo.com/programs_services/priv..._ordering.shtml Thank you for your interest in the LCBO. Michael S. Biscak Information Officer LCBO Infoline Tel: (416 ) 365-5900 Toll Free: 1-800-668-5226 Fax: (416) 864-2596 So it seems the answer is no for now.... A trip across the line is in order....
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