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  1. I've used tofu instead of eggs. Soft Silken, about 1/4 of the package (1/3, cup I think.) I've doubled it (two boxes)to make a single-layer sheet cake. I've also substituted 6 tablespoons of applesauce and made cupcakes. Much more moist. I'm not sure it would work in something larger like a cake.
  2. I'm not catholic, but at my church communion is served every week. Along with actual bread, there are rice checs placed on the tray. I've seen people in our congregation who don't have gluten issues use them. They are small enough to fit in your mouth, and are easier for arthritic hands to pick up.
  3. My daughter's class is making Irish Lace Cookies for St. Patrick's Day. Does anyone have a recipe for these that is gluten-free that they can make?
  4. I, too, have owned a Cuisinart for a couple of years now. I've had no problems and it makes great gluten-free bread. My mom owns a Zo. I found little difference between the two except that the Zo had more "bells and whistles". For a simple, easy to use and clean machine, I'll keep my Cuisinart.
  5. I work full time, so having a bread maker really helps. I just put in the ingredients, leave for work, and take out the loaf when I get home. I can use the same recipe, or mix I used in the oven, and it comes out just about the same. I'm not sure heating up the oven, and in the summer, my kitchen off sets the cost of running my breadmaker.
  6. Lentil bean pasta! The first pasta I ever made, and had to feed to the garbage disposal. I thought I'd never be able to do a gluten free diet after that! Good thing I learned otherwise!
  7. I like Carol Fensters Cooking Free as it is gluten, dairy, and egg free. Since we can't have any of these, it's been a great time saver. It has also taught me how to adjust recipes in the other books to exclude the dairy and eggs.
  8. I have a cuisinart with a gluten-free setting. It has been great. I cook from both scratch and mixes and have had good results. I like pamela's mixes, too. It's nice to be able to make something fancier, like raison bread, once in a while. I also run mine in the garage in the summer to keep the heat out of the house!
  9. Trader Joes carries brown rice tortillas. For the rice wrappers that are used for egg rollls, I get them at an Asian market.
  10. I'll second the nomination for "Cooking Free" We're gluten, casein, and egg free and almost every recipe can be used without substitutions. It's the easiest for me to use, and has removed a lot of the guesswork as to which egg substitution to use.
  11. It depends upon the recipe. To most mixes I use two tablespoons of flax meal and add water to 1/3 cup to replace two large eggs. In other recipes from scratch, I might use 1/2 cup of soft silken tofu. Both of these have worked well depending upon the recipe. My favorite new recipe book for gluten-free, Casein-free, & egg-free is "Cooking Free" by Carol Fenster. It has some really great recipes! Kristin
  12. I use a Cuisinart and Pamela's Amazing Bread Mix. If it isn't done inside, or too doughy, cut down on the water. The Cuisinart has a gluten-free setting, which is nice. I switched to using a bread machine because I just load it up, scrape down the sides a few minutes into the cycle, then come back a couple of hours later and it's done. For several years I made bread with loaf pans in the oven...that works well, too. I just like the machine because it doesn't tie me up in the kitchen all morning. I can also set it up in the garage and not heat up my kitchen.
  13. Bacteria overgrowth was done in a hospital They fed her some glucose, then took breath test every 15 minutes for about 3 hours. It's not just a simple blood test.
  14. I have the cuisinart, and I love it. Just put it all together, scrape down the sides once, and forget it for a few hours. I use the gluten-free setting and it works fine for me.
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