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  1. I am at NYU-and can't go out of network-are there any at NYU? I just feel that perhaps Ishould have cut out other things before gluten-been gluten free since nov 06
  2. Hi I went gluten-free after trying (since hs) to figure out why I have such bad gas/ bloating. It seemed to work: then I got Diarrhea (used to NEVER GET). I cut out Dairy too, but I still get it. WTH is wrong w/ me? Had blood test-neg for Celiac. Should I get screened for food allergies? If so, does anyone have any specialists in NYC???? Other things to consider: Allergic to milk as a baby get mouth blisters after (Before gluten-free) drinking beer no bloating now that i'm gluten free eating cheese doesn't bother me
  3. Raven thanks for the words of encouragement. I have been mainly eating at home; and am vigilent about checking labels. I will let you know and thank you for your help!!!
  4. My stomach never felt this bad though... is it possible to have problems from Not eating wheat?
  5. I did go to a doc and they took blood and poop samples... thanks for the replies!
  6. OK This friday; I'll be gluten free for 2 months. What did happen was that all gas/distended belly and overall uncomfortablness left immediately but; starting w/ christmas eve; everything went downhill... Ate bread crumbs by accident - Diarrhea; bad stomach pretty much until 2 days ago; but not until I had a total break down; throwing up; nausea and now my stomach is so sensitive its killing me. My heart feels racey= like i have a fever; but I don't and no it's not panic attacks. I cut out lactose and I don't know what to do; but I just feel like my body is now not tolerating this diet; im losing a lot of weight too... (I'm 5'7 and started at 140- now 130) ANY help is greatly appreciated. And if anyone knows how to reintroduce gluten back ie... what incriments; please post. I am still waiting on blood test about Celiac; but I know the likelyhood of that coming back inconclusively. Thanks in advance and sorry for long post!!!
  7. I used to get very congested in my throat after eating certain foods too.... CRAZY!
  8. Hi. I don't know if I'm imagining this; but I have always had frequent urination thing: up to 5 times in an hour... I just realized that that has all about stopped. Anyone else? Share your weird-good-side effect
  9. So, having a 'distended and firm belly of gas' is probably a sign of intolerance? Also; am I the only one that got worse indigestion after eating the saltines everyone tells you to eat??????
  10. Yah! Had 6 yogurt preztels yesterday (thinking I'd try the go back and get tested thing) of course my gut got bubbly and 'stopped up' feeling shortly thereafter... So glad I found this place and thanks for your reply!!!!!
  11. Ursa! Thank you for the support. My husband keeps asking " You're really not going to eat real pasta for the rest of your life?" And My reply is " If you want to feel like razor blades and or 5 tons of gas has just been pumped into your lower intestine... the answer is NO!" I think I am sensitive... I'll cut out the lactose and see how it goes. Thanks again for the reply!
  12. Hello everyone. I'm sure I'm not the only one to post like this; but I'd love your opinion: Since I was a teenager I have dealt with horrible stomach pains/gas/bloating sometimes dirrhea (DRIVE FAST AND GET HOME QUICK) after dinners. Countless Docs telling me I have IBS, I am fine; you have IBS... So I thought; I'll go on the gluten free diet. AND NO MORE GAS! Amazing! for 6 weeks, then with a xmas dinner; with bread-crumbed fish; i got Diarrhea again; and now have it everday... but have continued eating lactose stuff. OK here's the question: Do I go back on Gluten for 3 months; then go get tested? what is involved in getting tested? Or do I just assume I have some sort of sensitivity to gluten and remain gluten free for eternity? AND Is it safe to NOT eat gluten? PHew!! Sorry that was SOOO long; but I would really really love input THanks everyone!!
  13. ME TOO! I was doing fabulous until the 6 week mark: then Diarrhea everyday! Totally freaked out; because I rarely got it before this...
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