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    I'm a full-time mom raising a beautiful baby boy and when I need down time I enjoy working outside on the farm. Expecting twin boy and girl in October 2008.
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    Southwest Ohio
  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi! Just wanted to give an update. Born September 29th, 2008 at 37 weeks: Samantha Claire - 6# 3.5oz, 20" long Nicholas Isaac - 6# 0.5oz, 18.5" long Healthy beautiful babies! Thanks everyone for your advice and prayers. Kim
  3. I love Carrabba's. It's the only sit-down place we go. I always get the Chicken Bryan and the Sicilian Chicken Soup. However, please, please ask the kitchen to double check that the soup doesn't have any pasta that has accidentally fallen in the soup and gone straight to the bottom. Each time, they have thrown out the soup pot, but the damage was already done...cc. It has happened twice to me the last two times we went. Otherwise, wonderful place and I don't hesitate to go. But double check the soups and enjoy! Kim
  4. I just had to do this recently. It takes alot more time than opening a box, but that is just the way it goes for people with food intolerances. The first step is to make homemade cornbread. If your recipe calls for white wheat flour, simply substitute it for rice flour. I haven't found that the type of flour makes a difference for cornbread. Let the cornbread cool enough so that you can cube it. Place the cubes on a sheet pan and let it dry out in the oven for however long it takes to get the firmness that you are accustom to with the Pepperidge Farm. Once the cubes are nice and dry, the seasoning mix I use is a combo of poultry seasoning, cumin, salt and pepper. Sorry, I don't measure seasonings. Then just add your melted butter or as your recipe calls. I hope this helps. It's laborous but it's the only option I've found. Thanks for making the effort to fix food for your grandchildren. I'm sure it will mean alot to them. Good luck, Kim
  5. I used yogurt cheese for months before I ventured out into other cheeses. I bought the prepackaged cheese in from the deli case at the grocery and it looks just like a half moon of cheese. You can shred it, slice it, cube it, whatever. Is it good? Yes, it has a unique flavor like a swiss blend. Is it easy to make...do you have a recipe? I found one for dairy yogurt cheese but wanted to ask about it first. I have made homemade yogurt cheese, but it takes for ever...at least my recipe did and it was the same as lpellegr. Does it work good for casseroles like lasagna or enchiladas? I shredded it and used it for everything. I would suggest adding a bit of salt to taste. Is it like cream cheese? The prepackaged stuff isn't, but what I remember is that the homemade cheese is soft. Check out your deli case...you might find a short cut. Kim
  6. Yes, I've used the Kroger white vinegar for months before I finally figured out it was the problem. According the the Kroger dietician (who are just wonderful) about 10% of celiacs have a reaction to 90/10 white vinegar. I'm so sensitive that even using Kroger white vinegar in a diluted spray bottle for household cleaning effects me greatly (inhaling tiny air particles) I've been told indirectly that Heinz is 100% corn derived but I've been to reluctant to try b/c I pregnant and don't want any problems. I think I've also had problems with rice vinegar but not sure if it was b/c I was still healing at the time. So far, I just stay away from white distilled vinegar and opt for cider vinegar. I hope this answers your question. Thanks Ravenwoodgoddess for the Hellman's info. I've sent my husband to Kroger tonight with it on the list! Kim
  7. Has anyone with sensitivities to distilled vinegar tried the Hellman's Mayo? My concern is the vinegar, even though distilled, I have problems if it is distilled from a grain other than corn. For example, Kroger white vinegar is only 90% corn and 10% "other grains" which may or may not contain wheat. This is directly from the Kroger Dietician. I sure would like to not have to make my own mayonnaise anymore. If anyone is sensitive to white vinegar and had good luck with Hellman's, please let me know. Kim
  8. Thanks Ursa and HiDee for the advice. I've noticed that since I found out about the twins, I have given myself permission to (1) feel extremely pregnant (2) eat when I'm hungry which has considerably diminished my nausea and (3) put my feet up (as long as my 2 1/2 year old allows it). Keep the advice coming. I need help from the trenches...what is the simpliest way to get the nursery ready (low stress). Bottle or breast? How do you go to the grocery? Love this forum, Kim P.S. Enjoyed apple buckwheat pancakes and 1 free-range fried egg at 9:00pm tonight!!!! Only time I can get away with it.
  9. Hi! Just found out last week at 20 week ultrasound that we are having another boy and a girl! Whew! Any advice? Do I need more high protein foods? Help! Thanks, Kim
  10. I second the recommendation from CarlaB regarding reading the book "What Your Doctor Might Not Tell You About Premenopause". I just finished an intense scan of the book last night and there is alot of helpful advice and direction about hormonal imbalance and how to get back on track. If you are between 20 and 50, good book to keep on hand as a reference. What ever you do, please look into natural options before taking a synthetic hormone...it really is playing with fire. Best wishes and know that you are not the only one going through this and most don't even know it! Kim
  11. I used a prescription prenatal for my first child (pre-celiac) and was told by a pharmacist that the OTC prenatals are just as good. I was relieved b/c I was on vacation and forgot my vitamins. I don't use prescription now, instead I use Nature Made Prenatals (Kroger) and have been very please with them. I found these to not irritate my system after trying 3 others. Everyone is different and you'll have to experiment with gluten-free prenats. B/c I'm a bit of a computer geek, I went online, found the prescription one I took and printed out the vitamin and mineral list then compared it to the OTC. You can do this in excel or word, then ask your ob to give you the ok with what you want to take if it is OTC. There are alot of gluten-free otc prenatals on the market and the trick is to find the one that works best for you. The important thing is that you get plenty of folic acid and vitamin C which is a standard. The benefit of OTC is that you can stock up when they are on sale and never have to make a special trip to get your prescription refilled. Best wishes, Kim 15 weeks
  12. Definately like the cooler idea. Gives me a good excuse to get a good one with wheels!
  13. Thanks everyone! Your responses are reassuring that I won't get in trouble with "nurse rachet". I'll check to see how much fridge space I can take up. Love the ideas about pumpkin seed bars and such. I'll have to go shopping before hand and really stock up. The other problem is that the delivery hospital is an hour away from us so I will really have to be prepared for breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks. As long as the hospital doesn't give me a hassle, we will be just fine...I just always feel like I'm a pest with this diet. Thanks Ladies! Kim
  14. Hi! This will be my second child but first gluten-free pregnancy and delivery . I have done my research and determined that I shouldn't trust the dietician and kitchen at the hospital and should prepare my own meals in advance to take to the hospital. Btw, it will be c-section so the stay will be 3 to 4 days. What did you do when you were admitted to the hospital? I'm thinking I need to take a mini-fridge and microwave with me. Boy, won't they love to see me coming! Any advice is greatly appreciated. Kim
  15. Can you wonderful chicken egg gatherers tell me about your coop? I need to revamp ours and I'm confused on which way to go. I'd like to minimize shoveling but keep a nice comfy space for my chickens. Also, did you brood your chicks? If so how and did you do the chick starter feed? Thanks, Kim
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