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  1. I travel all the time!! 3-4 hours in the car should be no prolem....i always take nuts, fuit, crackers, peanut butter, canned fruit, dried fruit, protein bars and slimfast. I alwasy request a fridge for the room when I make my reservation. Once youve taken a few trips you will get the hang of it..hardest part is travel to places where locals dont speak english...thats the biggest challenge. Domestic travel can be done safely and easily. Just rmember that the risk of accidental glutening is way smaller than the risk of not having wonderful relationships with your family. You wont die from an accidental opps so in my mind the benefits of restaurants, dinner parties and family gatherings is way bigger than the risk of diahrrea...in all my travels i have occassionaly gotten sick..but far less often than you might think...Good luck! I bet those brothers of yours will be thrilled to see you..
  2. One of my daughters favorites is one of those indivdual packages of microwavable brown rice (minute rice or trader joe) covered with a can of sheltons chili--nutricious, easy and calorie reasonable Peanut butter is a college staple--works great on rice cakes lots of fruit and nuts indidual packages of salad dressing, soy sauce and crakers (glutino makes these packages) will help her easily take along what she needs to join her new friends for meals. I think a much more indepth meeting with the college dining facility is in order--most acadmeic institutions have an ADA officer---that person should accompany her to that meeting and be sure she gets all of the accomdations neccessary! We tried really hard to keep our daughter int he dorm--meal time is a h uge social thing for college freshman and she will likley feel another sense of loss if she has to give that up too!! Good luck to her and kudos to you for allowing her to spread her wings and find her way!!
  3. What the heck is hydrolyzed protein....i suddenly see it in lots of stuff and I have a really bad feeling about the gurgling sound in my stomach...does anyone know what this is??
  4. Congratulations on your optimistic attitude about eating out and joining in with firends. Eating out always poses a risk for Celiacs but I believe it is a risk worth taking to insure you enjoy the full spectrum of life and of relationships. i eat out frequently and rarely have a problem. i would suggest to you that the simpler the better especially in the beginning. Many of the chain restaurants have gluten-free menus...Steak houses are my personal choice becouse the food is easy to prepare simply and is often delicious without fuss..a grilled steak or fish with a baked potatoe , steamed veggie and a great glass of red wine makes a wonderful evening out. Have fun!!
  5. Its amazing how a couple of unruly kids can really impact the quality of life for a whole neighborhood!! When we first moved to our neighborhood years ago I was so disappointed that there were so few kids...as the years unfolded i was delighted that our home become a safe place for our own kids to play inside or out without constant need to negotiate the behaviors of others. We were glad to drive them to the destination of their choice to play with the firends of their choice..worked just fine. I think this child has some big troubles...much more anti social than gluten intolerance would suggest. Enjoy your vacation and remind your own kids that they dont have to play with people they dont like. Have fun.
  6. If you are a diagnosed celiac there really is no half way. Gluten free means Gluten free. There are some who do not have cleiac disease who are gluten sensitive..they mayt simply feel better with diets low in gluten. For these patients an occassional ingestion of gluten is not a problem. Celiacs need a completely free diet. Only those with DH need to worry about topical issues. For most celiacs the soap doeant matter unless you are eating it
  7. One of the things that I have enjoyed since going gluten-free is the joy of food---real cooking of real food. While giving up fast foods and convenince junk..I have actually learned to cook alot of really cool stuff. I have certainly expanded my horizons regarding all kinds of food and Ive become a bit of a wine expert as well. I takes a bit of time to get over the anger but soon enough you will get tierd of complaining and feel empowered to do something. I regularlly entertain and always sesrve gluten-free to all my guests...new friends dont even realize that they are sharing in a restricted diet. People keep coming back---I must be doing something right!!
  8. I think you get better at this the longer youve been at it....I never allow myself to go anywhere hungry...we always eat before we go. I find that this lessens the anxiety a great deal. I also remind my self that while being glutened is miserable its not initself life threatening. Last weekend I spend 4 houre in the ER with a friend who's 10 year old son has a nut allergy. He asked and inquired at a birthday party...and despite his best efforts ended up in a very serious situation requireing an amublance ride to the hospital...So try to relax a bit and remember that being a full particpater in the spectrum of life events and activites is really worth the risk of being glutened.. We have an obligation to consistently do our best to be diet compliant but also to except the fact that every now and then an opps will happen..we find it happens less than we thought it would and that our anxiety is the worst part of the whole thing. Good Luck!!
  9. I entertain a ton--always gluten free--including special occasions. Ladies luncheons are easy. I vote for a salad bar...lots of veggies and lots of toppings and folks make their own. Ive done this a few times for ladies gatheriengs and it works perfectly!! If you dont want to do a cake --do ice cream sundaes ..decadent and lots of fun ...easy to choose lots of gluten-free toppings. I did a bridal shower with this menu a few weeks ago and it was a huge success. I served Chebe bread sticks with the salad and at least 3 guests asked me for the recipe
  10. Celiac is def covered by ADA..its likley that whom ever u are dealing with at the Univeristy has no idea about that..keep pressing until you get the right person and certainly have appropriate documentation from your daughters MD. I have a 25 year old daughter who was diagnosed while she was in college too. It is a bit of an adjustment when learning to live with a chronic disease---but after a while you will all be alot more relaxed!! In the beginning I think its best to rely on naturally gluten-free foods. Many of the specialty items are very expensive and have varying appeal to varying people--one persons favorite is anothers trash!! Best of luck and good health!!
  11. I always bring chips, crackers etc to restaurants...never gave it a second thought. I have had some odd looks from table mates but a quick one sentance explanation usually works. Dont make a big deal and no one else will either....I never want my celiac disease to keep me out of the loop so Ive learned to eat before I go (even if it means in the car on the way) and have a snack along.
  12. Celiac Specialties in Chesterfield Twp Michigan makes rally wonderful buns...donuts too!! They ship daily but they are a bit pricey..
  13. I thinks it fine to bring your own food..most hosts probably appreciate not having to worry about you guys..lI most often eat before I go (reduces temptation) and whenever possible bring a gluten-free side or dessert that everyone can share...I really like showing others that there are wonderful gluten-free foods!! Last night I went to a friends house and brought ato die for rice pudding..everyone went crazy over it and there wanst a spoonful left at the end of the evening!!
  14. I think that gluten free bread is an oxymoron....really! I keep a loaf of whole foods sandwish bread in the freezer but it goes to waste most of the time...gluten free means bread free for lots of people..i would spend my time and money looking for alternatives to bread rather than alternative bread!!!!
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