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  1. Just came back from wonderful stay at the Wilderness Lodge @ Disney World. Boy do I wish every place was as good as Disney! The took fabulous care of DS (8). We were on the dining plan so I indicated on all our reservations that we needed a gluten-free meal. At all the table service restaurants the chef came to the table to ask what DS wanted to eat. He's a typical 8 y.o. so he eats the basic pizza, hot dogs, burgers, etc. It would make our lives easier if he would learn to eat more things, but what can you do. They were always able to make him something he liked & he didn't get sick once. Here's where we ate for table service: Kona Cafe, Ohana, Tutto Italia, Chef Mickey's (breakfast), Whispering Canyon & Boma. I have to say for those of you that have read about Chef TJ at Boma - everything you've heard is true! I can not say enough good things about him. He went through the entire buffet with us letting DS know what he could have. Being the picky eater he is nothing appealed to him. So, Chef TJ asked what he would like because whatever he wanted he would make. He chose (big surprise) chicken nuggets. He made him an ENOURMOUS plate of food - tons of chicken, fried rice, corn on the cob & carrots. He asked what he liked for dessert & after hearing his preferences said he'd take care of it. After bringing the dinner he came back a couple times to make sure he liked it. He said if he didn't he'd make him something else. Then came the dessert! I'm going to try to post the pic. of it if I can figure out how to do it. It was the only food picture I took all week. It was probably 1/2 a pineapple on the bottom with big wooden skewer down the middle, next layer was a big piece of some kind of cheesecake, on top of that were a few pieces of flourless chocolate cake (brownie size pieces), topped with a cherry & then drizzled at the table with a delicious chocolate sauce. I thought DS's eyes were going to pop out of his head. Chef TJ came back a couple more times to see if he liked the dessert. And then to top it all off after he saw me trying to get chocolate sauce off of DS's shirt with water he followed me out of the restaurant with a towel with seltzer water on it. We love you Chef TJ! Can't remember all the counter service places we ate at, but one word of advice. Order the gluten-free food 10-20 min. before the rest of your party needs to eat. Sometimes it takes awhile. I tried to ask for a manager but that wasn't always possible. Usually the cashier calls someone. I do know the only place to get gluten-free pizza at MK is Pinnocchio's (sp?) Haus. I highly recommend Disney World!
  2. Hi everyone, Here's the reply I got back from Disney: "you should be able to get a hamburger, hotdog, or chicken sandwich on a tapioca roll for those allergic to wheat. Be sure to ask when you are there. Of course, you are allowed to bring in your own food and use the picnic benches." Sounds like your typical counter service fare. My only concern is actually finding a manager at one of these places. I've been to the water parks before & there are not a lot of people around to ask for help. I'll post all our experiences when we get back. Thanks everyone!
  3. I've received the list of gluten-free foods & dining options in WDW, but I noticed the water parks weren't listed. I've sent an email to Disney, but was wondering if anyone had any experience eating gluten-free at the water parks? We love Typhoon Lagoon & hope we won't have to skip it this time around. Thanks for the input.
  4. We're going to Disney in March. Just booked the Wilderness Lodge with the dining plan, but am still wondering if staying outside would be better. It's not too late to change it. It's soo expensive & the rooms are small, but you get all the "Disney Extras". In the past, we've rented a townhouse near the parks & cooked meals & eaten at restaurants, but that was before ds was diagnosed. I've read all the wonderful things people say about the food in the parks/resorts. However, you do pay a premium for that & you also give up all the extra space a rental provides. I'm a little concerned about where to buy gluten-free foods & restaurants are always a problem. I suppose I could ship some food down to meet us on arrival, but that's a hassle. I should mention ds is also a picky eater. Ordering a piece of grilled chicken & veggies is not an option at restaurants. Any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I've been baking with some different flour blends for awhile. I've found that the Bette Hagman 4 bean flour mix produces a really nice tasting cookie, almost as good as "regular" cookies. However it still has a slightly "gritty" aftertaste. I'm wondering if it might be the brands of flour I'm using. I've used the Bob's Red Mill bean flour, Ener-G tapioca & potato starch flours & Goya white rice flour. Does anyone have any opinions on which flour brands are best? Thanks.
  6. We just returned from a great week at the Cherokee Park Ranch in Livermore, CO (it's app. 2 hrs. north of Denver). I know this may not be the vacation for everyone, but if you're looking for a little advernture in the great outdoors this may be the place for you. This is the 1st vacation we've taken since our 7 yr. old DS was diagnosed last fall so we were a little nervous. I called the owner of the ranch (Christine Prince) back in Feb. to see if they could accomodate us & she assured us it would be no problem. I sent them a list ahead of time with all the gluten-free foods my DS likes including prep instructions. When we got there we were delighted to discover they had purchased just about everything on the list! Everyone from the chef to the kid's counselors to the waitresses knew about his special requirements & they couldn't have been more wonderful & conscientious. He never went hungry that's for sure. He always had a separate plate of food brought out just for him & special desserts at both lunch & dinner. I actually observed several other kids eyeing his desserts with envy. The only thing I would keep in mind is if you're travelling with a gluten-free child who is a picky eater be aware that all meals are served family style. There's not a separate kid's menu so they may or may not like what is served (my DS didn't always), but it will definitely be gluten free. They have a website if you want to check them out www.cherokeeparkranch.com . If you like horses, the great outdoors & wonderful hospitality this is the place for you. Tell them Devin sent you . Enjoy!
  7. Hi all, Just wanted to let you know we ate dinner at Maggianos. We told them we needed a gluten-free meal & they immediately said they'd send the chef out. However, that wasn't necessary in our case because we knew all our DS would eat would be pasta. They made him some rice spaghetti with alfredo sauce & a small salad with no croutons. He seemed to like it & had no adverse reactions. I did ask if they had any gluten-free bread or rolls, but unfortunately they didn't. Too bad. But, overall the experience was a good one. Thanks to everyone for all your suggesions.
  8. Thank you so much to all that replied to this post. I feel confident we'll be able to find somewhere good to eat now. I also posted a similar message on the gluten-free travel board & someone was kind enough to post a link to the Denver celiac chapter with lots of good info. about restaurants. Here
  9. Has anyone had any experience with gluten-free dining in Denver? We'll be there for 1 night on 7/13 & are looking for somewhere safe to eat with our 7 yr. old son. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, My family will be in Denver in July. We'll be staying downtown for 1 night before heading out to a dude ranch in Ft. Collins area. Does anyone know of any good restaurants for dinner & breakfast where my son can get a good gluten-free meal? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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