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  1. just wanted to let y'all know i have an appt with the gastro on thursday.
  2. well, i called my husband's aunt that works in the office, and she said i may need to be referred. so, i called my gp and i have an appt there tomorrow at 3:15. i will let y'all know what goes down.
  3. hi. my name is melanie, and this is my first post. my mother in law actually handed me a magazine article about celiac, and said it could be what is wrong with me. so i have been reading, and she just may be right. it's so weird to read all of the symptoms and say "wow - this is starting to make sense..." i am calling tomorrow for an appt with my husband's uncle, he's a gastroenterologist. i should have seen him years ago, but my dr diagnosed me with ibs a few years back. lately i have been having horrific abdominal pain, but also some gyn issues, so i have been through laparoscopic surgery with my ob-gyn and found out i have adenomyosis, which is like endometriosis, but inside the uterus. so i thought that was where all my pain was coming from. but that didn't explain the bouts of upset stomach and terrible terrible gas pain. i think it's weird what we can get used to when we suffer with it for years ... so after i read the article, in woman's day, i think, i had another one of my go 'rounds. the cramps woke me up ay 3:15, and i was in the bathroom until 4:45AM. i could hardly breathe, was dizzy and nauseous, pretty much thought i was dying. not cool. so i don't want to hope that i have this disease, but gee, it's about time i found out what is wrong with me, and i really have gotten lots of useful information from this board already. so, thank y'all, and i'll be here reading .... and hopefully will see the dr tomorrow, i mean today, as i can't sleep ...
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