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  1. Hi, this is my first post! I found out the possibility of having Celiac in October after a biopsy showed some red flags. My doctor was checking because of a horrible pain i was having most days in my stomach ..the very top between my rib cages. anyay, he did the biopsy and that same day told me to start a gluten free diet. About 6 days in i felt so much better .. but every few days would feel sick again (i was likely eating gluten all the time and didnt know). My blood work came back NEGATIVE so then he sent me for a genetic test. it was positive. I went ahead and "enjoyed the holidays" and really had very little to NO pain??? I started gluten free again the first of the year and have been doing it since, except finding out here and there I had been eating things I didnt know were gluten free (you live, you learn). I have been really careful, but am still sick most days. Still constipation, the burning & pain is back and in full force (which was my worst symptom). i am starting to doubt my diagnosis. however everything else has been negative (gallbladder, medications didnt work, etc etc). my doctor said the gene test and biopsy plus doing farily well on the gluten free is enough for him for now to say yes, it is celiac. I have another appt on the 31st to just discuss how i'm feeling. Anyone have similar things happen??? Its just werid that I KNOWINGLY ate gluten and felt pretty good ... then the past weeks have really tried 110% to not eat gluten and been sick on and off?? This burning/pain is KILLING ME! Does anyone else hav these same symptoms?? thanks
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