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  1. I have had 7 DVTs from age 15-55 and have one right now, it is very discouraging to have this chronic issue, but I don't let it stop me from the work I do. I've also had some digestive issues over the years and in 2008 went gluten free for a couple of months due to severe intestinal distress, well you know certain foods you eat and grow up with call your name and at that time I was feeling better and I started eating the same old foods again. So back in Feb. 2018 I had another DVT, after not having one for 24 yrs. it reared it's ugly head again and now in July 2018 the 7th one. I think we get so used to what we think is normal that we don't always recognize that what we think is normal really isn't normal. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago with extremely low Vitamin D and Low iron and am anemic to the point that it's not a good situation, so on to the supplements I go, but I'm also on Warfarin and the doctor keeps accusing me of skipping doses, I tell him I'm not and yet at 8mg. can't regulate me for nothing. I'm beginning to think it's a malabsorption issue and that besides the warfarin not absorbing properly neither are the vitamins that I'm so deficient in. I started taking B12 shots and wow I felt so much better and even the muscle aches and pains were reduced because my daily supplements likely were not getting absorbed. So my son said to me the other day, Mom, do you think there could possibly be some correlation to the DVTs you keep having and your Gluten intolerance. I said, I have no idea so googled it, WOW, I couldn't believe all the articles and some studies. So today went shopping and bought a bunch of gluten free products of which I have a love hate relationship with, but at this point my health is critical and I've got to do it. This will be so hard because I buy top quality high end bread and gourmet products that are so darn good and gluten free leaves something to be desired. I do like some of the gluten free crackers though. I will force myself to get used to it. (suck it up sunshine) I see my hematologist on Tues. and will address this but I am on to something I'm sure. With this many DVT's over the last 40yrs. I do worry my life will be cut short or I will end up incapacitated and handicapped. I feel I may be on the road to the right diagnosis, so many previous Genetic tests done to try and find out what my 'problem' is, one doctor said, 'oh you're just a clotter', but offered no options to figure out why. Only by my own investigations and searches have I found some glimmer of hope to discover what the heck is going on.
  2. I'm 43 and never had any problems whatsoever till Late July 2006. I'd gotten food poisioning from a half teaspoon of Kozy Shack rice pudding where the container had a crack in it and I didn't see it till after the first bite, after severe vomiting for 4 days along with severe diarrhea, the vomiting stopped, but the diarrhea, stomach cramping, bloating, extreme gas, and constant gurgling in my guts that sounds like a faucet left running on drippy, almost sounding like a tabletop fountain. Everything I was eating was and is running thru me at breakneck speed and I've been beside myself. I've tried everything OTC, Immodium didn't help whatsoever, plus went to Health food store and tried numerous OTC things from Charcoal to Oil of Oregano to tons of Acidolphilus, to Digestive Advantage line of Prod. for Chrons and IBS diseases. Plus other things. Nothing worked. Then I decided to try the master cleanse, I made it through 6 days of fasting with the lemon juice/maple syrup/cayenne pepper, but it gives you diarrhea too, but I was determined to go as long as I could without food. Day 7, introduced light diet, no gluten prod. same thing on day 8, no gluten, I was feeling Great. Meanwhile I'd gone to the Gastro doc and got blood work and my Transgluthamtnase IGA Autoantibodies result is a weak positive at 4.0 I'm scheduled for a colonscopy this Thursday. So days 9-11 after the master cleanse I'm introducing light diet and eat a tortilla shell and same thing the next day, no real problems though loose stool, not bad, cause it's so much better after the cleanse, so Sunday I tell hubby, I'm making linguine and garlic bread with salad for Sunday dinner. OMG, it was like I'd poured acid in my intestinal track I had diarrhea so fast, so quickly that it was unbelievable. Felt horrible. So today Monday, I've eaten no Gluten prod. scared to, I had hard boiled eggs/nuts, fruit, for breakfast, mashed potatoes and spinach salad for lunch, and so far feeling o.k. Do you think I've got a gluten intolerance? All the signs are pointed that way, have to wait till tomorrow to hear from the physicians assistance for questions, so thought I'd ask here, sorry this is so long. It's been a long 6 months of confusion from stool sample testing and my primary doctors office not thinking what I had was serious. Anyone here with feedback? thanks so much
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