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  1. Hi everyone, Saw my GI dr. today and he thought it was my irritable bowel causing my symptoms.....but....did do the blood tests. I will let you know what happens.
  2. Welcome Russ[ This is my first post and just found this web site. I have had IBS for about 20 years and immodium has been my lifesaver.. A few days ago a former co-worker stated she had Celiac and and if I fot better on the Atkins diet that I may have it as well. So I am I am going to check it out. As with anything any doctor will only be as good as he is by being open to suggestions by his or her patients. I always love being able to discuss all posibilites with my doctors and I think that we have learned from each other. I totally agree with you in that any one with a disease will know many things that it that the average doctor would not be aware of. I had a work up several years ago for abdominal pain and diarrhea and the GI doctor said its IBS. I had H-pylorie and after treatment that solved my stomach pain. Still had abdominal pain with the diarrhea off and on. Last September I started with the abdomial pain and had EGD with results of H-pylorie again and gastritis and deuodonitis. Prev Pac done still having abdominal pain and diarrhea. Have an appt 1/30 and am going to ask for Ceiac panel. An umbilicated ampullary nodule was found several inches above Sphincter of Odi and a ERCP was recommended. The appt is with another person other than the one who did EGD. My sister has a wheat, soy and lamb allergy and I have suggested she have herself checked for Celiac Sprue. As far as the EGD goes what should she have for dedation? Thanks so much for any suggestions. Oh, neither of us are underweight. Thanks, Charsweb quote name='RKB_MD' date='Aug 12 2006, 09:50 PM' post='185029'] Yes, I have Celiac non-tropical sprue, and I'm a USA trained M.D. Sorry, but I'm not a GI doc, nor a family practice/ general practioner. I'm "just" an anesthesiologist. And, I can assure you that all the meds we use in anesthesia are gluten-free! I do know the physiology and molecular biology behind our disease, and I'll be happy to contribute what I can to the conversations, but as you all well know, we as people with CS usually know more than the "average" doc about this problem. Ask away, I'll be asking you too... Russ
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