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  1. This might sound incredibly amazing to you (like it did to me), or it might give you a heart attack haha, but... Their gluten-free option basically replaces the traditional deep dish crust with a "crust" made entirely out of sausage. Yes, you read that correctly. You have a 14 or so inch pie with the base being nothing but a giant flat piece of sausage. I was literally in heaven. The toppings are obviously the same as any other pie.
  2. It would be great if you could post it up, just in case other people in the area are curious! Thank you for the info.
  3. I live in Plano and I've never heard of them before...I checked out their website, but I didn't see anything related to gluten-free menu items at all. Do you have a list of what they offer?
  4. Definitely also try out Lou Malnati's. They have EXCELLENT pizza and it's right downtown. I can also recommend Marcello's as the person above did - it was one of the best pies I've ever had, hands down. I love going to Chicago and there is definitely an abundance of options for gluten-free eating. Have fun!
  5. I'm surprised that no one has followed up on this - I found out about all of this a few days ago and Jason's Deli HAS implemented gluten-free bread into their menu. And what brand did they go with? That's right...UDI'S!! Obviously enough people voiced their love for Udi's and Jason's Deli listened. As for my experience? The cashier was very knowledgeable. They have a separate laminated sheet that contains all of their gluten-free menu items, and a separate section showing what all can go on a sandwich that is safe. Once I ordered, the guy on the line ripped off a huge piece of parchment paper to cover the line just for my sandwich and kept it totally separate. They obviously DO understand the concept of CC and take it seriously. All in all, it was amazing being able to eat a thick sandwich on Udi's bread without having to make it myself (which I know sounds lazy, but it's true of all of us as some point or another). I love that they are further promoting a solid gluten-free manufacturer and getting solid publicity for Udi's. I will definitely be going back!
  6. The "heritage" Dr Pepper is widely available in the DFW area, but TX is the home of Dr Pepper so that shouldn't come as a surprise. And just a bit of off-topic clarification - Dr Pepper is NOT a Pepsi product. The fact that Pepsi has the throwback Pepsi/Mountain Dew is not related to the "throwback" Dr Pepper. Dr Pepper (a product of Dr Pepper Snapple Group) just celebrated 125 years and they decided to do a limited run with sugar. Obviously, they are also probably wanting to see the reaction to the sugar version, but it has nothing to do with Pepsi or their reformulated products. It should also be noted that HFCS, although not good for you in my opinion, is still cheaper as a raw material. There is a reason why these companies stopped using sugar a long time ago.
  7. Just a quick one - I know that people have pointed out that the EAS Whey protein powder is gluten free, but does anyone know if the soy protein powder is gluten-free? Thanks!
  8. one quick piece of advice - they are only open for dinner starting at 5 each day. i would highly recommend getting there close to 5. after 5:30 or so the line was out the door and the wait was 30 minutes or so. then again, they have a nice looking bar, so maybe the wait wouldn't be so bad i hope you enjoy it as much as i did! since i live no more than 5 minutes away, i'm sure it will be a recurring restaurant for me
  9. To anyone living in North Texas (DFW area) - you need to check out Fireside Pies. I'm sure that most of you already know about them, but if this reaches even one person then I'll feel good. The pizza here is the best that I have had anywhere - period. Boston's is definitely acceptable too, but Fireside just took it up a notch in my opinion. It is a thinish type crust, but the flavor is amazing. They actually source the dough from a company down in Austin that produces gluten-free pizza dough. The prices are somewhat high (even for non-gluten free customers), but it is well worth it in my opinion. The pizza was large enough that I had a decent amount left over. I personally went to the one in Plano (Shops at Legacy), but they also have other locations in the DFW area. Just check their website for locations. I'm giving this place two thumbs way up!
  10. There is only ONE bourbon that you need to have in your cabinet - Makers Mark. End of story. But yes, to reiterate what others have said, liquor is safe provided that nothing is added after the distillation. The most common culprits that I have found tend to be the flavored vodkas. The best choice is to always check here or to call the manufacturer. Enjoy your Makers!!
  11. There's actually no period in Dr Pepper...sorry, had to point it out As I recall, all products produced by Dr Pepper Snapple Group are free of gluten. Pretty much any flavored soda is made by them for the most part. Glad to see that there are some Pepper fans in here!
  12. Well, I have read all of the success stories on here that people have had with the Zoji and Pamela's mix. I decided to follow the trend and bought myself a Zoji as well. However, I got the BB-HAC10 which is a 1 lb. breadmaker (as versus the larger 2 lb. that most of you have). Does anyone else have this smaller machine? My biggest question is...can I simply cut the ingredient amounts in half? If anyone has any experience in this category, please speak up! Thanks in advance.
  13. La Choy has a gluten free soy sauce. Also, there is a brand called San-J that makes a wheat-free one as well. Hope that helps.
  14. So, does anyone watch Heroes on NBC? I know there are at least a couple people in here who are addicted to this phenomenal show! I think that this show completely redefined the meaning of "cliffhanger" for me.
  15. i've gotta say that rock and metal is where it's at. whoever above me that said they like Rush...props to you! but, some favorite bands (as always, in no particular order): Bullet For My Valentine Story of the Year Linkin Park Chevelle Disturbed Breaking Benjamin Incubus (the old stuff) Staind the list could go on and on. as a side note for anyone who listens to similar bands...do any of you ever get the "you listen to angry music!" comment? that little comment always drives me insane.
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