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  1. Bonefish has a gluten free menu. Columbia restaurant offers gluten free choices. There's always Carrabbas and Outback and Maggiano's (Tampa). Good luck!
  2. Have you ever tried Nature Made Iron? I have taken this for years due to anemia and have hypothyroid too. I sometimes take 2-3 iron tablets a day and as long as I take it with food, I'm ok. You might have a little upset in the very beginning as your body gets used to it but otherwise I have no problems. Good luck.
  3. I think the referral to an endocrinologist is a good idea. The ranges for thyroid vary and some doctors and patients find that if the TSH is above 2, patients may start to have symptoms of hypothyroid. I know personally that if my TSH is above 2, I gain weight, feel sluggish, and my monthly cycle is completely off. From the results you posted, your B12 is extremely low. That would explain some of your exhaustion and dizziness. Google B12 levels, tons of info. You really should take a multivitamin. There are many that are gluten free and safe to take. Nature Made makes a multivitamin and they also have a Balanced B supplement that I would look into. If you do a search on this site, you will find many people have to take B12 supplements for a while. I would ask to have your ferritin levels checked by whoever you decide to go to. If you are anemic, you need to know and start iron supplements. My endocrinologist doesn't usually test for that unless I specifically ask. Do you get legs cramps or restless legs? If so, that's iron deficiency. I hope you get some answers, and I would encourage you to pursue further testing or seeing a doctor sooner than later. You don't want this to continue when you can help yourself feel better.
  4. Could you please explain the warning % under someone's name next to a posted reply? Are we not supposed to include any links to websites at all in a reply? I included a link that was related to the medical testing questions in the posting and I have no connection to the site so there's no personal interest. Just curious, no links are allowed at all? I've seen many postings with links and have found great information through them from other postings. Just want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong. Thank you.
  5. I don't know what I did that my post was attached to your question. Hope this posts correctly. Sorry... Here is a good article about homocysteine levels. After reading your post, I had several thoughts for you. Depending on your age, it could be the beginning of menopause. In all the testing that was done, did anyone check your thyroid levels? The first sign that my thyroid is going hypo (low) is my monthly cycle becoming very heavy. Also, have your iron levels (ferritin) been checked? Before I figured out the celiac connection, I was very anemic for years. Once my iron levels stabilized, everything else seemed to stabilize. It made a huge difference. Also, according to this article, you may be lacking in B vitamins and folic acid. Are you taking a good multivitamin? I hope some of this info helps. I don't think I would wait 6 more months to be rechecked. I would find a doctor that could help me much sooner. If you are anemic, that is too long to wait. Hope you get some answers. http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/ho...ticles/249.html
  6. And I forgot to add, I chewed ice for years, cracked a tooth from so much, and that was a major sign of low iron. Had no idea!
  7. I posted a while ago asking if anyone had a reaction to corn tortillas. The last package of Mission tortillas I bought did not have the gluten free statement on the package. I also eat LaBanderita corn tortillas but cannot find on their website where it says gluten free. I have found many entries online stating that tortillas are processed on the same equipment at flour ones so they can't say gluten free exactly. I broke out in the most horrible red blotchy rash and I think it might be from either the tortillas/chips or the gluten free rice chex cereal. Something has been off for a few months with me and I could not figure out what it was. My thyroid levels have drastically changed from being normal for about 1 -1/2 years. The connection to the cereal is that for the past few days I have become extremely itchy and have a red rash within an hour of eating the cereal. I only started eating this cereal around Aug/Sept wen I found out it was supposed to be safe. My thyroid levels changed since that time. I googled "reaction to gluten free rice chex" and found many people have had bad reactions to it. I'm wondering if my body just finally could not take it anymore and finally broke out. I have been itchy for about a month or so and eat about 1 cup of rice chex every day. Please let me know if anyone else has had this problem? Nothing else in my diet has changed, pretty much same foods every day. I don't eat out alot so I'm the one preparing the foods at home. I have been gluten free for about 3 years and I know I did not buy the old boxes of cereal. I'm just wondering if we are getting cc'd even though these products are supposed to be gluten free.
  8. Nature Made has an Iron supplement (65mg Ferrous Sulfate) that is gluten free. It is stated on the label. Before you take any additional iron than what is in the multi, I would check with your Dr to make sure you need the added iron. Too much iron is not good. I have taken extra iron for years due to anemia before going gluten free. Now my levels are good but I still take the iron a few times a week just to keep it stable. Good luck!
  9. I just bought a package from Publix last week. I saw on the back of the package is does say "gluten free" on the bottom of the back above Heating Instructions. However, I have been wondering about these for a while. I used to use LaBanderita's corn tortillas but switched back to these because they hold up a little better when heated. Something has changed in my diet and I wondered it if due to this product. I have not called because I saw gluten free on the package but still have some questions.
  10. I had very dry, itchy eyes before I went gluten free. I use over the counter drops called Refresh Tears. They help alot and the dryness has subsided quite a bit.
  11. I have been thinking about this all day! It's driving me nuts! First, please don't stop taking the synthroid as that could create more problems for you. I have been on thyroid meds for about 16 years. I have taken both generic and synthroid. Most of my docs over the years prefer the brand and I seem to do better on that. The only time my thyroid was off the charts was when I discovered I had a gluten problem. Once I went gluten free, I was absorbing my synthroid much better and had to lower my dose. My labs have been stable since and my thyroid levels have been in balance (tweeked a bit to lower the dose) while staying gluten free. So my thought is that synthroid must be ok to take because if not, my levels would still be off as I would be getting glutened. Make sense? I do know that I was switched from the generic a while ago but I can't remember if it was prior to gluten free. I agree with wowzer in saying that once you take the brand, you should not take anything else. My doctors have always tried to be consistent and I always asked for the brand thinking that's what I was supposed to take. The ingredient in levoxyl that would be questionable is the corn starch and the dyes. But most postings say its gluten free. I'm getting more confused with everything I read. Does corn contain gluten or not or is it just that corn is not digested well by some people? I'm tempted to stay with my synthroid if my levels this time are ok. Something must be working and its getting absorbed. I also know over the holidays I probably ate something I should not have so it's hard to pinpoint any problems I may be having. As for your absorption, you may want to watch when you take your synthroid and make sure you are not taking it with or close to any foods that may prevent absorption. I was reading online a few weeks ago that some people chew their synthroid tablet and that helps. Good luck!
  12. I just read your post after reading others on this site and online. I am very concerned about this so I just called Abbott Labs also. The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful. He said they have had MANY calls regarding whether synthroid is gluten free or not. According to him, Abbott has never claimed their synthroid was gluten free. They DO NOT evaluate their product for gluten. They receive information from the supplier that indicates there is no wheat, barley, oats, rye, malt or spelt in the synthroid but it is not evaluated for gluten. There is no way of knowing if any of those listed contain any gluten. He was not able to refer to any other manufacturers of synthroid as each could be different. This is very scary. I looked at the ingredients listed on their website and it does list corn starch. I know for a fact I cannot digest corn. I am going to ask my doctor about this because for the last several months I have been on this prescription, I have felt like something was not right and I couldn't figure out what it was. Could it be my synthroid?? I will be very upset if it is because I have been gluten free for about two years and was really making some progress. Lately, I have had a few unexplained reactions that I cannot pinpoint to anything specific. What do we do?? I googled Levoxyl and it had the name "levothyroxine sodium" right under it. The only thing he said was that it may have different ingredients or a different manufacturer may specifically test for gluten. ANY SUGGESTIONS???
  13. I can't believe these responses...that is EXACTLY what I thought when I read the article this morning. You would think someone like him with internet access at his fingertips could research a little on his own....Unbelievable that doctors still can't figure this out!
  14. I use olive oil on chicken, fish, vegies (stir fry) and on salads with a little balsamic vinegar.
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