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  1. Whey is gluten-free? We only found out my daughter had celiac a few months ago, so I am still learing what is what...but her doctor's told me she could not eat whey because that would mean gluten. I have been checking everything for whey, is that not right??? PLEASE help! And thanks!
  2. Just wanted to let everyone (who did not already), that I bought my 2 1/2 year old daughter some Annie's Homegrown Natural GLUTEN-FREE macaroni and cheese the other day, and she was so excited to be able to eat orange mac and cheese like her sisters, only to read the ingredients and find WHEY! I contacted them and they e-mailed me that just the past a is gluten-free not the cheese. My question? Why would you buy mac and cheese if you are not goin g to use the cheese? You can make your own rice pasta anytime. Just a warning for anyone who is as new to this as I am . How disappointing to find a product that calls itself gluten-free and is not, I am so glad I found this forum and learned to ALWAYS read the full ingredients!
  3. Thanks for the tips! Mashed potatoes, she will eat! But she is refusing fruit, although I know she loves bananas and blueberries. I will just keep trying!! I really love all the answers I get on this forum, it is a great help to a newbie!!
  4. My 30 month old was diagnosed 1 month ago with celiac. She is very tiny only 21 pounds but otherwise had no celiac symptoms. Problem is she was never a big eater to begin with and never ate much pasta or bread, so the diet change is not a big issue. But now she eats next to nothing! She won't touch fruit at all, won't even try the gluten-free cerels, all she eats is peanut butter! With a spoon out of a bowl, weird! I am very worried about her not getting enough vitamins, does anyone know which kids type vitamins are gluten-free? Or if there are any type of gluten-free nutional supplements she could take. Doctors are not the greatest with diet ideas! Believe me I have tried everything!
  5. Playdoh

    My daughter (30months) was just diagnosed with celiac. I am trying to get all the information out there foodwise. She is a terrible eater anyway and is eating virtually nothing right now. But I noticed today that her PLAYDOH is labled containing wheat, does anyone know if this means she can no longer play with it? She never puts in her mouth, but since it will be on her hands?????
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