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    travel, sports (Phillies, Eagles, PSU, UVM and UK basketball),<br />reading, Bible study
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    Williamsport, PA
  1. phightin phils

    Central PA Gluten Free Expo

    2nd annual Central PA Gluten Free Expo www.centralpaglutenfreeexpo.com ...
  2. The Burnham OIP (Original Italian Pizza) near Lewistown, PA has introduced a varied gluten-free menu. http://www.oipburnham...
  3. phightin phils

    Mcd's Website Changes?

    Did anyone hear if McDonald's is changing their gluten free menu? The website nutrtion info appears to be different...
  4. I agree, my gluten-free spouse and I have enjoyed Piazza Sorrento several times, and were disappointed in September when...
  5. My wife and I highly recommend Burton's in VA beach. Great gluten-free menu, delicious food, including hand cut fresh...
  6. phightin phils

    Where To Eat gluten-free In Sedona Az.

    cpag53: Sorry you had a bad experience, but is one bad apple worth ruining a terrific gluten-free restaurant--one of...
  7. phightin phils

    Hershey, Pa

    We went to Piazza Sorrento on Saturday. It is the third time we have been there, and it was amazing. My gluten-free...
  8. phightin phils

    Travelling To Toronto, Canada.

    My gluten-free wife and I are planning a trip to Toronto in the summer, and I found this website to be very helpful for...
  9. phightin phils


    My wife and I ate at the Biaggi's in Salt Lake City last year and we were impressed with the gluten-free selections....
  10. phightin phils

    Gluten Free In Maine And Nh

    Thanks, we may come back up next year. We had a great time!
  11. phightin phils

    Gluten Free In Maine And Nh

    My wife, who is celiac, and I recently vacationed in Maine, and travelled thru NH. Other than the typical favorable...
  12. phightin phils

    Gluten Free At Penn State

    The store near the Hampton is Nature's Pantry. Good selection. Wegman's is awesome. For restaurants, the chains...
  13. phightin phils

    Red Robin!

    We've always enjoyed Red Robins, other than the one in Southgate, MI near Detroit. After we were sat at a table, a manager...
  14. phightin phils

    Salt Lake Restaurants - The Good And The Bad

    Don't forget Biaggi's in downtown SLC. My wife and I were visiting SLC, and the staff and gluten free options were great...